Communication and Journalism careers

Internships Help Launch Media Careers

Undergraduate students can earn credit for internships and other co-curricular activities. Boston is one of the largest communication markets in the United States, providing our students with a multitude of potential professional experiences. Our students receive internships at newspapers, televisions and radio stations, professional sports teams, not-for-profit organizations, and businesses both big and small throughout the region.

A brief sample of placements include:

The Boston Globe, New England Cable News, Channels 4 and 7, PBS, WEE! Sports Radio, The Gillette Company,, the City of Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as well as a host of small businesses with a wide variety of interests.

In addition to internships, our students can choose to take part in co-curricular opportunities on-campus. These activities can also be taken for credit and include work on our weekly student newspaper, The Suffolk Journal, our online publication called The Voice, and participating in our campus television and radio organizations.

Successful Alumni in the Field

While some of our students go on to graduate or law school, most students enter directly into professional life. Our alumni have rich and varied careers. A sampling of titles includes:

• Newspaper reporter
• News Editor
• Lifestyle Editor
• Managing Editor
• Web journalist
• Sports reports
• Sports editor
• Television news anchor
• Television news reporter
• Television and radio producer
• Television and news writer
• Advertising copywriter
• Media buyer
• Media planner
• Marketing communication professional
• Vice President of Corporate Communications
• Bank President
• Training and Development manager
• Events and marketing managers
• Lawyers, professors, teachers, media relations managers