Are you passionate about helping young people prepare for successful and fulfilling lives? Do you aspire to a career in teaching or one of the many other professions that support and enhance education? Suffolk’s Education Studies minor offers an avenue into these fields.

You’ll start with two core courses in education and educational psychology, then tailor your electives around your interests and career goals. Our Education Studies minor takes a unique, interdisciplinary approach. You can choose from both education and sociology courses—expanding your knowledge of the role of education in society beyond the classroom.

A minor in Education Studies is a good complement to a major in Sociology or Psychology. Or, if teaching is your goal, you might major in a field you want to teach, such as English, History, Math, or Spanish.

Civic Engagement & Teaching

  • Service Learning

    You can engage in exciting projects in the Boston community and schools through various service learning courses. These courses will help you clarify and put into action the theories and practices you learn in class sessions. Service learning provides opportunities to experience education in action.
  • Public Service

    You can tailor your courses to focus on the topics and challenges within education—a vital daily service to the public in cities, countries, states, and nations around the world. You’ll take courses on social justice, English as a Second Language, or child welfare services.
  • Community Activism

    You can take courses that will prepare you to engage in social change and improvement in the field of education, from a local to a national scale. You can choose from courses in juvenile justice, urban schooling, social work, and more.
  • Educational Advocacy and Administration

    Your courses will prepare you to work at nonprofits focused on college access or religious education, as well as in higher education administration. You’ll explore issues and trends in American education, as well as the history of education.
  • Graduate Study in Education

    While the Education Studies minor does not lead directly to teacher certification, it is excellent preparation for graduate study in education, such as early childhood, elementary, middle or secondary teaching, or special needs education; curriculum and instruction; and school counseling. You can take courses that will introduce you to culturally responsive education, state curriculum frameworks, and issues and challenges of classroom communication.