Located next to Government Center in downtown Boston, the undergraduate Law Program at Suffolk University offers three programs:

  • Bachelor's degree in Law
  • Associate's degree in Paralegal Studies
  • Certificate in Paralegal Studies

These programs of study meet the rigorous standards established by the American Bar Association, and have been approved by the ABA since 1994.

The undergraduate programs in Law are intended as legal employment credentials. They prepare students to work as paralegals in a law office, corporate office, government agency, or other offices working with the law. Undergraduate Law classes and the required general education courses for the degree options are available both during the day and in the evening. Students may choose to attend during the day, the evening, or to combine the two. This flexibility makes it easy for students to combine work and school. All students also have access to the world-class library at Suffolk University Law School.

Graduates have found work in small, medium, and large law firms, corporations, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, and a variety of other law-related placements. While the undergraduate Law program is not designed primarily to be a pre-law program, some of our graduates do choose to attend law school. Other graduates have pursued advanced degrees in other areas such as Communications or Criminal Justice.

Please note that an undergraduate degree in Law does not enable a person to practice law or give legal advice; only licensed attorneys can perform these functions. Students interested in law school should select a major or majors in a subject that interests them. Many law school applicants have majors in the social sciences, the sciences, humanities, the arts, or business.