Start Making a Difference Sooner

Are you passionate about American politics or international affairs? Concerned about critical issues such as healthcare, the environment, and civil rights? Interested in how power and resources are allocated in society? Then the Degree in Three Government major may be right for you.

By enrolling in the Degree in Three Government program, you will be guided to finish your degree in only three years, saving money on undergraduate living costs and allowing faster entry into the workforce or graduate studies. You will complete your education with a cohort of students who are joining on this path and sharing your passion. Summer semesters will be required for the completion of the three-year program. You will be considered for any available financial aid programs (federal and institutional) and can receive your allotted institutional financial aid benefit throughout the three years, including summer semesters.

As part of the Government Degree in Three program, you will receive special advising to keep you on track in one of the following concentrations: