Biology part-time faculty may be reached at 617-305-1983. They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-573-8245.

The part-time faculty office is located in the Somerset building, Room 622.

Biology Part-time Faculty

Annette Crowley
Senior Lecturer
ScM, Brown University

Julia Hincman-Francavilla, MS, RD, CSO, LDN
PhD, Boston University

Dennis A. Ricupero, Ph.D.
PhD, Boston University School of Medicine

Radiation Science Part-time Faculty

Kendell Bertolino
BS, RT (T), Suffolk University
Senior Radiation Therapist, Mass General Hospital

Kathy Bruce
MBA, RT(T), Simmons College
Director of Clinical Business Development, Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Ryan Connolly
BS, RT(T), Suffolk University
Senior Radiation Therapist, Massachusetts General Hospital

Chris Cotter
MS, University of Massachusetts Amherst

David Gierga
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fred Hacker 
PhD, DABR, Dartmouth College
Medical Dosimetrist, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Meghan (Carroll) Kearney
MS, RT(T), Suffolk University
Radiation Therapist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Mike Kirk
PhD, Brandeis University
Physicist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Cassandra Labella
BS, RT(T), The University of Vermont
Senior Radiation Therapist, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Desmond O'Farrell
MSc, CMD, Open University, Milton-Keynes, UK
Medical Dosimetrist, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Jennifer Pursley
PhD, DABR, Johns Hopkins University
Medical Physicist, MGH Newton Wellesley Hospital
Jennifer O'Riordan
BS, Suffolk University
Health Physicist, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Shona White
BS, RT(T), Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
Senior Radiation Therapist, Massachusetts General Hospital