A purchase request should be used whenever you order materials or services from a company or vendor when you expect delivery in the future, and payment after delivery.

Membership renewals, services that involve a contract with a one-time payment, magazine subscriptions, and membership renewals should all be submitted using a check request.

Blanket purchase orders (BPO) establishes an open purchase order with the vendor for the remainder of the fiscal year.  This enables the Business Office to pay multiple invoices under a single BPO.  Complete the request using an estimate of spending for the fiscal year.  Please notify Purchasing Services that you want your request to be a blanket order.

An order for $2,500 or more must be accompanied by three competitive bids.  Original copies of these bids must be included with your request.

Requests for a purchase order are to be entered into Web Advisor.  We've created a PowerPoint file with Instructions for this process. [PPTX]

To become a requestor

Colleague Access Request Form [PDF] must be completed and submitted to ITS for processing.  Please allow an average of four days for processing.

Steps to complete the form:

  • Complete the Top Half
  • Do not complete the “Setup Security Profile As” section unless you are replacing or mimicking someone’s full system access.
  • In the Application Access Box Note:
    • Check UT
    • Under Application/Security class write: Access to Web Requisition  and Grant Access to Department GL Accounts
  • In the Records Access Set Up Box enter: department numbers that you support (if you are unsure, please contact Purchasing Services to confirm)
  • Then sign the form and have your supervisor sign the form
  • Reason for Access Modification: write AP/PO Requisition
  • Return the completed form to the Help Desk and copy Mary Zhang in ITS.

Purchase Requests are approved using Web Now (a.k.a. Image Now).  See instructions for this process on this PowerPoint [PPTX].  See instructions on setting up your browser for Web Now [PPTX].

To become an approver

Please complete an ImageNow New User Account Form [PDF] and forward it to imagenow@suffolk.edu.