Every member of the Suffolk community is automatically provided with a Suffolk University email account (@suffolk.edu).

To access your Suffolk University email account on the web to umail.suffolk.edu

Initially, a unique User ID and a temporary password is assigned. All temporary email passwords must be updated immediately. For more information please review the Password Policy: https://wikis.suffolk.edu/display/ITSEC/Password+Policy

If you do not remember your password or your password is not working or if you have other questions about your email account, contact the IT ServiceDesk at 617 557-2000

Account Size Limitations

The size of your email account is limited to 2 GB for employees. This includes emails in your inbox, all attachments, sent mail and deleted folders.

An individual message from the Exchange server cannot exceed 30 MB, including text, headers, and attachments. Messages over this size will not be accepted by the system.