Is technology your passion?  If you love technology and want to further hone your skills, then consider joining our team. At STEP, we are looking for enthusiastic students who want to add invaluable IT work experience to their undergraduate or graduate education at Suffolk University.


Program Overview

STEP is designed to provide students with a highly meaningful and rewarding work experience in IT that can help them obtain technical jobs when they graduate. The program offers students an opportunity to gain insight and hands-on experience in a fast-paced IT environment by providing service and support to students, faculty, and staff. STEP’s structured experience is directly transferable to any IT organization in areas that include technology support, IT infrastructure, telecommunications, networking, enterprise systems, project management, media services, and web systems development.

Student Benefits

By joining STEP, student employees will cultivate essential technical, interpersonal, and professional skills by solving real problems using technical knowledge. Students will also use and develop their leadership, teamwork, innovation, communication, and entrepreneurial skills. In addition, students will be able to foster their creative thinking and acquire the expertise they will need to be successful in their academic, personal, and professional lives.

Benefits include:

  • Increased career prospects through invaluable work experience
  • Insight into the practical applications of your degree
  • The opportunity to work on tangible projects in a real IT environment
  • Learning high performance teamwork skills
  • Professional and personal development opportunities
  • Mentoring by Faculty and IT Staff members
  • Networking opportunities

To learn more, review testimonials from students who have completed the program.

Practical Information and Applying to STEP

There are a few things each student will need to know about STEP before applying:



Placements are between 2 and 8 semesters. A great deal of dedication is required for this program, so if you are not ready to fully commit, then we encourage you to not apply until you are ready to do so. Placements normally occur May through August, however exact dates are project dependent and may vary.

Note: Applicants will be able to indicate their availability during this time period on the
Application Form.


Depending on your area of interest or expertise, you may be placed in one of several Technology Support Centers (Sargent Hall, Stahl Center, Sawyer, Donahue, NESAD at 75 Arlington St.), the IT Service Desk or Media Services Group at Sargent Hall, or assigned to a functional group in the Sawyer building such as the Project Management Office, Enterprise Applications Group, Networking and Security Group, Web Services Group, or Office of the CIO.



The rate of pay for student assistants is tiered to encourage professional development and continuation in the program throughout the student’s career at Suffolk. Pay increases will be granted after 12 months of employment and completion of the professional development objectives for the respective tier. The supervisor for each program participant will work with the student employee in developing an appropriate annual professional development plan.


How to Apply

To apply, please complete the online application form.


Fall Applications: accepted the first week of May, June, July & August.

Spring Applications: accepted in November. Application process will begin the week of registration and the week after.

Summer Applications: accepted in March. Application process will begin the week of registration and the week after.


What Happens Next?

If your application is selected, you will be invited by email to attend an interview with an IT representative.


If you have specific questions about STEP or would like to gain more information, please email Dahlia Bryan at