The Infrastructure Group maintains virtualized servers as an alternative to physical servers. Taking advantage of virtualization technology allows us to host multiple virtual servers, each of which functions as a complete and independent server, on a single physical server. The virtualization platform is a centralized VMware environment that provides virtual servers to both Information Technology supported services as well as applications and services supported by departments across campus.


  • Enterprise solutions at a low cost built on enterprise caliber servers, networking, and storage.
  • Scalability and flexibility over physical servers allowing maintenance and upgrades to the background hardware without incurring downtime.
  • Hardware high availability due to redundant backend hardware.
  • Faster server deployment since there is no need to purchase, install or configure hardware.
  • Improved utilization of staff by freeing them to refocus on the mission of the organization rather than on hardware acquisition, maintenance and support.
  • Supports campus green initiative saving power, cooling and data center space.