Center for Women’s Health & Human Rights

Suffolk’s Center for Women's Health and Human Rights is the first academic institute in the United States to focus on women's health and human rights in the social sciences, arts and humanities, and public policy. Dedicated to research, teaching, networking, and advocacy, Suffolk collaborates with other academic and community organizations, brings together scholars and activists already working in these areas, and provides expertise to a range of institutions.

Health Law Clinic

Students in Suffolk’s Health Law Clinic offer legal services to low-income clients with mental and physical disabilities and their families. Under the supervision of faculty director Sarah Boonin, students gain real-world experience representing clients in a range of legal matters.

Family Advocacy Clinic

Domestic violence is a focus of family law work done in the Family Advocacy Clinic. The goal of the clinic is for student attorneys to learn and develop insight into the practice of law through the prism of family and poverty law. Working in collaboration with HarborCOV, a community-based domestic violence social service agency, student attorneys are expected to perform all the lawyering tasks necessary to represent their client, from initial interviews to trial (with ongoing supervision by faculty).