Scott Carlson

Graduate Admission Assistant Scott Carlson

Graduate Admission Counselor

Counselor for: Applied Politics, Business Analytics, Crime and Justice Studies, Global Public Policy, Mental Health Counseling, Public Administration, Finance, Management and Organizational Leadership

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Scott joined Suffolk's graduate admission staff in fall 2018. Previously, he worked in the banking sector for several years while finishing his bachelor's degree in psychology at Bridgewater State University. Shortly after joining our team, Scott enrolled in graduate courses and moved into the graduate admission counselor position. Scott is responsible for assisting prospective students in the MPA, MHC, MSCJS, MAGPP, and MAAP programs. Additionally, he conducts events on campus and engages in travel both domestically and internationally.

Advice to Applicants

“Letters of recommendation are usually the last application materials to arrive, so ask your professors or supervisors early in the process. Give them all the information they could possibly need to write the most personalized letter they can. This includes providing them with your goal statement, refreshing them on any initiatives you worked on, projects or papers you completed, and anything else to jog their memory so they can really speak to you as an individual.”