Summer Global Externship Program

Gain International Private Sector Practice Experience

Each year, Suffolk Law School in cooperation with the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), Salzburg, Austria, offers students externship placements at private law firms in more than 90 countries as part of its Summer Global Externship Program (SGE). Suffolk students have externed at local and international firms—from Argentina to Belgium to Malaysia—often tackling the most cutting edge legal issues that lawyers are facing in transnational settings. For example, one student externing in Latin America carried out a comparative law review of various countries’ internet privacy laws and presented his findings to the client corporation—all the while gaining rich cross-cultural experiences through his daily work.

Externship Placements

Students have the opportunity to extern in leading private law firms in over 90 countries for a period of 5-12 weeks.  Interested students are strongly encouraged to submit a "Preliminary Inquiry" (see below for further details) to learn more about their potential placements, as well as to contact Instructor Mary Sawicki.

Students are also encouraged to reach out to previous participants in the programs to hear about their experience, as well as to review the Student Spotlights where previous students have shared about their experiences.

Note: While there are placements in 90 countries, certain placements may have language requirements and some may be more competitive than others. Additionally, some countries have visa requirements. Again, this is why it is important to submit a Preliminary Inquiry prior to applying.


This program is open to first-year JD, second-year JD, and LLM students. Students are required to have a minimum GPA of 2.67 to participate in the program. Students not meeting the GPA requirement may submit a petition to Clinical Director & Associate Dean Sarah Boonin and should do so before applying.

Academic Component and Requirements

Internships may be taken for academic credit, or not for credit. Students taking the externship for credit do so for two or more credits.

Additional Requirements for SGE students completing the externship for academic credit:

Prior to the Externship: All students must attend a training prior to beginning their externships.

During the Externship (Summer): International Externship Contemporaneous Academic Components. Students work as an extern full time during the summer for the host organization for two or more credits (pass/fail). All students engaged in the externship for academic credit must complete a work log and journal throughout their placement stay, and a final paper about their experience.

Preliminary Inquiry (Prior to Applying)

For students interested in working in a private firm internationally through the SGE Program, it is recommended that you complete a preliminary inquiry to see whether the countries that you’d be interested in pursuing are a possibility for next summer. While the SGE program has placements in over 50 countries,  each placement has its own constraints (visa, languages, etc.), so it is good to find out beforehand what may be a possibility for you. Our placement director will provide feedback to you based on the information you provide. Below are the instructions for the preliminary inquiry.

Preliminary Inquiry for SGI Program:

To complete the preliminary inquiry, students should send their resume, as well as provide the following information to Mary Sawicki.

  1. Student's Name
  2. Law School/Graduation Year
  3. Current GPA
  4. Nationality/Permanent Residence,
  5. Three placement locations (jurisdictions/countries/regions either by geography or by language),
  6. Students' foreign languages skills (relevant to the above locations), and
  7. Time-frame for externship.

Mary Sawicki of the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS) who is responsible for externship placements will provide feedback to the preliminary inquiry.

How to Apply

Students should contact Mary Sawicki for guidance on the application process and requirements. 

Program Fees

  • $250 non-refundable Application Fee, which is due upon submission of the Application. This fee is payable online. Note: If CILS fails to place an applicant in one of the three jurisdictions for which the student applied, the application fee will be refunded, but not if a student withdraws for any other reason.
  • $400 Placement Fee due upon Acceptance of the Offer of an Internship from the Center for International Legal Studies (CILS), whether the Internship is for credit or not. The deposit is required 14 days following an offer and is Non-Refundable once the internship has been accepted. Payment is made online.
  • Students pursuing the internship for academic credit pay tuition in accordance with Suffolk Law School’s tuition rates. Tuition is due upon registration, regardless of your externship start date.

Stipend Award & Financial Aid

Students pursuing the program for academic credit will receive an $800 stipend award, with the possibility of further funding of as much as $700. Stipends will be funds given directly to students to help defray the cost of travel and living. The award is contingent upon the satisfactory fulfillment of the program obligations. Students who do not meet all program requirements in a timely fashion breach the terms of the award, and will forfeit the balance of the award and will be asked to return any funds already disbursed.

Students may find that their stipends are taxed and students will be responsible for any and all tax liability incurred on their stipends. No taxes will be withheld from the stipend by the University for students who are U.S. Citizens and provide a valid SSN to the University. These students will receive a 1099 form from Suffolk University in early 2019 and will be responsible for paying any and all taxes on their awards. Awardees who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, depending on their country’s tax treaty with the United States, may find that their stipends are taxed, as well, and the University will withhold taxes.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents participating in an externship and enrolled at least half-time (receiving a minimum of 3 credits) may be eligible to receive Federal Loan funding. Visit the financial aid office for eligibility and application information. Financial Aid applications for summer are normally available in January of the year you plan to complete your externship. Students not receiving academic credit for the internship are not eligible to receive financial aid.

Note: Receipt of the stipend award can affect the amount of financial aid students are eligible to receive. The Student Financial Services Office will be advised of all stipend and scholarship support awarded to students. Funds must be considered when determining eligibility for additional financial aid programs. For questions regarding financial aid, please contact your financial aid counselor.


Students must carefully calculate their finances before applying and also before accepting a placement. Participants are responsible for travel costs to and from the externship and all other incidental expenses connected with their travel and living abroad.

A student cannot simultaneously get academic credit and compensation for an externship and SGE externships are not salaried positions. Externs may, however, be reimbursed for incidental out of pocket expenses and occasionally hosts offer a small stipend.


Tuition for the course and summer externship is at a per-credit cost. Summer tuition is due upon registration, regardless of your externship start date.

Note: Often pursuing academic credit in the summer may have particular financial benefits for some JD students (specifically, significant reductions in tuition costs by becoming a "part-time" student in their final semester of law school) if students plan ahead. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Academic Services (Dean Cove) to see if the potential financial benefits (i.e., reduced tuition costs) may be applicable to their circumstances and to learn further details.