Completion/Graduation Honors

Completion of the International Law Concentration requires that all Concentration students:
  • Complete of a minimum of eighteen (18) credits in the approved International Law Concentration required and elective courses;
  • Attain a minimum cumulative average of 3.25 in Intelrnational Law Concentration courses, by the time of graduation, with no grade of less than C (2.0) in any such course;
  • Attain a minimum cumulative average of 3.00 (B) for the entire J.D. program, by the time of graduation; and
  • Satisfy the International Law Concentration's legal writing requirement with:
    • A paper which meets the standards of the Law School's legal writing requirement, and has been written for an approved International Law Concentration course or as part of a Directed Study project with a full time faculty member; OR
    • A Concentration Thesis, which has been written under the supervision of a full time faculty member on an international law topic, and has been approved by the Faculty Director(s) of the Concentration; OR
    • A law journal piece or moot court brief whose subject matter comes within the scope of a Concentration course, and has been approved by the Faculty Director(s) of the Concentration.

Upon satisfaction of the requirements noted above, Concentration students will be awarded a Concentration certificate in International Law.

None of these requirements may be waived for any International Law Concentration students.

As soon as a Concentration student has met these stated criteria, the student should complete and file a Notice of Concentration Completion form with the Office of Academic Services. This form lists all Concentration courses taken, the grades received, the course credits received for Concentration courses and the successful completion of the writing requirement.

Graduation Honors

  • International Law Concentration students who have met all the criteria noted above, to the satisfaction of the Concentration Faculty Director(s), will receive an International Law Concentration certificate in addition to their Law School diplomas.
  • A notation indicating successful completion of the International Law Concentration will appear on students' final Law School transcripts.

Graduation with Distinction

Students will graduate with the Distinction in the International Law Concentration if they either:

  • Achieve a cumulative 3.5 grade point average in International Law Concentration courses, OR
  • Satisfy all Concentration requirements and complete an International Law Concentration Thesis.

Graduation with the Concentration with Distinction will also be noted on students' final Law School transcripts.