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Volume 1 No. 1 (1976-77)

Volume 1 No. 1
Lead Articles:
  • Enforcement Mechanisms of the Law of the Sea Treaty
    • Stephen K. Glickman
Case Notes:
  • Industrial Property Rights, EMI v. Columbia
  • Act of State, Alfred Dunhill of London, Inc. c. Republic of Cuba
United States Legislative Digest:
  • INTERNATIONAL FISHERIES MANAGEMENT, The Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976
  • INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe Act of 1976
  • SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY, Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act of 1976

Volume 2 No. 2

Lead Articles:
  • International order and Article 38(1) (c) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice
    • Stephen C. Hicks
  • Improper Foreign Corporate Payments: An Analysis of the Problem and Its Possible Solutions
Case Comments:
  • Aliens -- Constitutional Protection of Equal Employment Opportunities, Folie v. Connellie
    • Joseph Tosney
  • Commerce -- Fisheries Regulation, International Trade -- U.S. import Custom Duties,
United States Legislative Developments:
  • ADMIRALTY -- Navigation -- International Navigation Rules Act of 1977
    • Mary E. Dacey
  • ALIENS -- Income Taxation of Nonresident Aliens -- The Tax Reduction and Simplification Act of 1977 FINANCE -- Export Financing Restrictions -- Export-Import Act of 1945 FINANCE -- International Finance Assistance -- Inter-American Development Bank Act FISHERIES -- United States Fishermen Protected While In Domestic Waters -- Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967 INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS -- Assistance for Americans Incarcerated Abroad INTERNATIONAL POLLUTION CONTROL -- Oil Pollution on the High Seas -- The Clean Water Act of 1977

Volume 3 Nos. 1 & 2 (1978-79)

Volume 3 No. 1 (1978)
Lead Articles:
  • The United States Position on the Deep Seabed
    • David L. Larson
  • Ocean resources Development: The Environmental Considerations Involved in the Offshore Siting of Nuclear Power Plants
Case Comments:
  • ADMIRALTY -- Jurisdiction, Grand Bahama Petroleum Co., Ltd v. Canadian Transportation Agencies, Ltd.
    • Christine E. Conroy
  • ADMIRALTY -- Shipping Regulation, Austasia Intermodal Lines, Ltd. v. Federal maritime Commission ADMIRALTY -- Wrongful Death on the High Seas, Mobil Oil Corp. v. Higginbotham ALIENS -- Temporary Trainee Visas, Unification Church v. Attorney General ALIENS -- Constitutional Law, Vergara v. Hampton WARSAW CONVENTION -- Notice Requirement for Destroyed Goods, Dalton v. Delta Airlines, Inc. WARSAW CONVENTION -- Personal injuries of Passengers, Warsaw v. Trans World Airlines, Inc.
Volume 3 No. 2 (1979)

Lead Articles:

  • National Sovereignty: Britain against the European Court
  • The Accident Compensation Act of 1972: No-Fault Compensation for Personal Injury in New Zealand, The Note
  • Gilman, Gail S.
Case Comments:
  • Customs - Duties - Nonexcessive Remission of an Indirect Tax Does Not Trigger Countervailing Duty Assessment. Zenith Radio Corp. v. United States, 437 U.S. 443 (1978), in light of the Trade Agreements Act of 1979.
    • Thomas M Grady
  • Customs - Customs Court Jurisdiction - Is a Penalty an Exaction? Mitsubishi International Corporation v. United States, 454 F. Supp. 458 (Cust. Ct. 1978). CUSTOMS LAWS - JURISDICTION - 14 U.S.C. S 89(a) Gives United States Authority to Seize a Foreign Vessel on the High Seas. United States v. Cadena, 585 F.2d 1252 (5th Cir. 1978). CUSTOMS LAWS - SEARCH AND SEIZURE - Reaffirmance of Broad Authority of Customs Officers to Conduct Warrantless Searches of Vessels at Sea Under 19 U.S.C. S 1581(a). United States v. Freeman, 579 F.2d 942 (5th Cir. 1978). ADMIRALTY - SUBSIDIES - Operating Subsidies Under the Merchant Marine Act. Oceanic Steamship Co. v. United States, 586 F.2d 774 (1978). FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY - COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES EXCEPTION - Foreign State - Contracting to Provide Services Engaged in a ""Commercial Activity"" and Not Entitled to Foreign Sovereign Immunity under 28 U.S.C. S 1605(AX2) - United Euram Corporation v. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 461 F. Supp. 609 (S.D.N.Y. 1978).

Volume 4 Nos. 1 & 2 (1979-80)

Volume 4 No. 1
Lead Articles:
  • Sovereign Immunity Redivivus: Suits Against International Organizations
    • Thomas J. O'Toole
  • The Middle East Peace Process: Sisyphus Reexamined A Select International Law Bibliography on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • The Status of the Act of State Doctrine - Application to Litigation Arising from Confiscations of American Owned Property in Iran
    • Scheff, Richard L.
  • The International Environmental Law of the Sea: The Canadian Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act and Its Effects, 1970-1980
Case Comments:
  • ADMIRALTY - Longshoremen, Edmonds v. Compagnie Generale Transatlantique
    • Oricchio, R. Francis
  • ALIENS - Labor Relations, N.L.R.B. v. Apollo Tire Co. ANTITRUST LAW - Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, Mannington Mills, Inc. v. Congoleum Corp CUSTOMS - Setting Duties, H. Reisman Corp. v. United States CUSTOMS - Title I of the Trade Agreements Act of 1979 MARITIME LAW - Domestic Trading Relations, Alaska Bulk Carriers, Inc. v. Kreps SHIPPING REBATES - Shipping Act Amendments of 1979
Volume 4 No. 2
Lead Articles:
  • Suffolk University Law School
    • Hynes, John B
  • Canadian Trademark Law - A Bridge Between United States and Foreign Law Between United States and Foreign Law
  • Trouble Over Oil Waters: - Pollution Litigation or Arbitration-The Ixtoc I Oil Well Blow-Out Litigation or Arbitration - The IXTOC I Oil Well Blow-Out
    • Fender. James E.
Case Comments:
  • ADMIRALTY - Seamen, Ivy v. Security Barge Lines, Inc.
    • Oricchio, R. Francis
  • AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP - Expatriation Proceedings, Vance v. Terraza MARITIME LAW - Hazards, Chute v. United States TERRITORIES - Puerto Rico, Torres v. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico TREATIES - Termination, Goldwater v. Carter TRADE - The Export Administration Act of 1979

Volume 5 Nos. 1 & 2 (1980-81)

Volume 5 No. 1
Lead Articles:
  • The Principle of Good Faith in the Formation of Contracts
    • Dr. Tariq Hassan
  • Will Article III of the Moon Treaty Improve Existing Law?: Existing Law?: A Textual Analysis
  • The English Arbitration Act of 1979: A Symbiotic Relationship Between the Courts and Arbitration Tribunals A Symbiotic Relationship Between the Courts and Arbitration Tribunals -Abromson, Ellen Jane
Case Comments:
  • ADMINISTRATIVE LAW - Aliens - Yassini v. Crosland
    • Walter, Rosalind Marshall
  • ADMIRALTY - Recovery For Loss of Society - American Export Lines, Inc. v. Alvez ALIENS - Regulations - Authority Delegated by Congress to the Attorney General, Narenji v. Civiletti ENVIRONMENTAL LAW - Citizen Suits - Private Right of Action Implied under Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972, National Sea Clammers Association v. City of New York FOURTH AMENDMENT - Search and Seizure of Foreign Vessels in International Waters - Adrift With the Fourth Amendment, United States v. Williams IMMIGRATION - Extent of Subject Matter Jurisdiction, United States v. Beliard
Volume 5 No. 2
Lead Articles:
  • Judicial Review and the Protection of Human Rights Under Military Governments in Brazil and Argentina
    • Dr. Martin Feinride
  • Nigerian Foreign Policy Under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
  • Refugee Act of 1980 and the Cuban and Haitian Entrants: Status Pending?
    • Creedon, Kevin T.
  • Alien Students in the United States: Statutory Interpretation. and Problems of Control
Case Comments:
  • ADMIRALTY - Jones Act, Baptiste v. Superior Court of California
    • Loxsom, Jill Rakoff
  • ADMIRALTY - Longshoremen, ALIENS - Forged Passports, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - Legislative Veto, HUMAN RIGHTS - Alien Tort Statute, LABOR RELATIONS - Secondary Boycott, Baldovin v. International Longshoremen's Ass'n

Volumes 6 to 37 are Under Construction

Volume 38 Nos. 1 & 2 (2015-16)

  • A Benchmark In Asian Judicial Reform: The New Korean Jury System. - Rosa Kim
  • The Applicability Of The Humanitarian Intervention "Exception" To The Middles Eastern Refugee Crisis: Why The International Community Should Intervene Against ISIS.- Melina Sterio
  • Secular Government, Religious Finance: Turkey's Growth In Islamic Finance And Banking. -Dahlia Ali
  • "Fat Taxing" Our Way To A Healthier World. -Sarah Doucett
  • Beyond Good Intentions: The OECD Ant-Bribery Convention's Pursuit Of Prescriptive Enforcement -Courtney Graves
  • A Stick In the Global Carrot Patch: The Business Of Corporate Social Responsibility In India's Companies Act 2013. -Alison E. McArdle
  • International Law - United States Quickly Shuts Door To Cuba In Most Recent Jurisdictional FSIA Case - Jerez v. Republic of Cuba, 775 F.3d 419 (D.C. Cir. 2014). - Joseph Darin
  • Criminal Law - Second Circuit Applies Defense Of In Pari Delicto To Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization Act Claim - Republic of Iraq v. ABB AG, 768 F.3d 145 (2d Cir. 2014). -Robert Fasano
  • Federal Civil Procedure - Informer Lacks Standing To Bring Complaint Under Sec. 962 Of The Neutrality Act - Bauer v. Marmara, 774 F.3d 1026 (D.C. Cir. 2014). -Mallory Medeiros
  • Antitrust Law - Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act Does Not Alter Sherman Act's Coverage Of Import Trade - United States v. Hui Hsiung, 758 F.3d 1074 (9th Cir. 2014). -Scott Ofrias