Dicta is the official student newspaper of the Suffolk Law School community, existing solely to help foster a sense of community through communication. The goal of Dicta is to educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain the student body through outstanding reporting and editorials on news, events, trends, sports, arts, food, and popular culture.

The opinions and views expressed in Dicta are not necessarily those of the Dicta staff and are not the opinions of Suffolk University Law School or the student body. Suffolk Law School students control and conduct all facets of this paper. Dicta does not discriminate against any persons and complies with the university policies concerning equality.

Dicta encourages students, alumni, faculty, and administrators to submit letters to the editor and articles for publication. Submissions should include the author’s name, class and/or position at the university or in the community. Dicta reserves the right to edit and publish all submissions. Anonymous submissions will not be published.

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