Suffolk Madrid Program Resources

The Suffolk Madrid program mirrors the liberal arts academics of a classic American university education. During your first two years of academic work, you can take courses in fulfillment of the University’s core requirements as you study abroad in Spain.

Students beginning their bachelor's program in Madrid can take courses that fulfill their general education requirements and count toward their specific major. Suffolk Madrid offers courses in art history, business, communication, English, history, natural and social sciences, and Spanish language and literature, among others.

Classes are small, so students receive considerable personal attention. Academic courses in Madrid are taught in English, except for those in our Spanish department; therefore, all applicants to the Madrid campus are required to demonstrate proficiency in English. No minimum level of Spanish is required for admission, but completion of Spanish language courses is highly recommended for English-speaking applicants.

Academic Advising

Upon admission to our college program in Spain, students are assisted by an academic advisor in selecting their Suffolk Madrid courses for the first semester of study. These courses may fulfill general education requirements or may relate to students' possible majors. Before registering for first-semester classes, students take placement tests in mathematics, Spanish, and English to help them decide which courses to take. During the first semester of study, the advisor will also provide instructions on how to pre-register for courses online, a process students will carry out in subsequent semesters. At midterm each semester, students will meet individually with the advisor to select courses for the next semester.

We work with our Boston colleagues to make sure students benefit from the resources of main campus as well, such as disability services, diversity and inclusion office and career development.

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