Madrid Internship Opportunities

Would you like to boost your CV while studying abroad? Looking for an extraordinary experience? Are you considering living and working in Spain in the future? Here’s a good starting point: an internship in Madrid.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus offers curricular internships to help students fully integrate into Spanish work culture while developing language and practical professional skills and fulfilling their course load. These internships are part of a course and are therefore supervised by one of our SUMC professors. Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors in good disciplinary and academic standing, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, are invited to apply for the Madrid internship program.

Internship Types

Our Madrid internship advisors place students in a range of intellectually engaging internships based on interests, academic and business goals, and skills. Intermediate Spanish language level (equivalent to SPAN 201 to SPAN 202) is required for any internship placement. The higher your Spanish level is, the easier it will be to offer you a placement that closely matches your interest and skills. Nevertheless, many companies and other entities highly value the addition of a native English speaker to their team.

While participating in the Internship program, you may find yourself in a variety of roles, including:

  • International Organizations
  • Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Business, Finance & Consulting
  • Health & Human Services
  • Arts & Architecture
  • Law services

We currently offer these internship courses at our Madrid Campus:

  • POLS 521 Internship in Government
  • SPAN I295 Spanish in the workplace (advanced Spanish level required)

Internship Process

If you’d like to have an internship experience in Madrid, first you need to decide what course you’d like to take. If you are not a Government major, your option will be SPAN I295, provided your Spanish level meets the minimum requirement. Once you choose your course, you need to submit your internship application.

We’ll stay in touch with you to discuss your priorities, skills and placement preferences. As soon as we find a placement for you, we’ll contact you with a description and sponsor information. In most cases an interview (online or face-to-face if possible) with the sponsor will be organized. The estimated timeframe for this is:

  • Summer semester: middle of May
  • Fall semester: end of June
  • Spring semester: beginning of December

Upon acceptance of the internship agreement by both parties (student and sponsor), you’ll be assigned a supervisor in the company/entity, who will guide you through your tasks and supervise your learning. At Suffolk University Madrid Campus, you will be supervised by the course professor and receive the support of our internship coordinator.

Your periodical and final self-assessments and reflections, as well as those from your company supervisor will be considered for your final grade on the course, see individual syllabus for details.

For more information, contact our internship supervisor Silvia Salazar.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall & Summer Semester: April 30
  • Spring Semester: November 7

Intern Testimonials

During their studies at the Madrid Campus, both Madelyn Jablonski and Rose Cuthbert took an internship course that involved them in advocacy for women’s rights. Their international experiences, together with their knowledge and interest acquired through their studies at Suffolk University, made them perfect candidates for an internship with Politics4Her, a Feminist youth-led blog and movement that advocates for inclusive participation of young women and girls in politics.

The aspect of the internship that made me grow the most was working with a group of women from different places and different backgrounds. We were able to share and exchange ideas from an array of different women’s issues from all over the world. In such a supportive and collaborative setting, I was able to learn about other topics pertaining to women’s rights, not just about the topic I completed my research on. Lastly, I was also able to learn more about feminism and more specifically, intersectional feminism.

The aspect of my internship that has made me grow the most is being able to research and be active in the topics that I am the most passionate about. I have grown as an activist for trans rights and my research brought to light an issue I was not well aware of and I am hoping it does the same for others.