Madrid Spring Schedule

Spring 2020 Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday Classes

Time Course Number Sec Number  Course Name Credits Professor Room 
8:30-10:30 SPAN 101  M1  Elementary Spanish I  4 Cabañas Alamán
8:30-10:30  SPAN 102
M1  Elementary Spanish II  4 Martín Chamarande
9:00-10:30  ENG 142  M1  Studies in American Literature  Wood 
10:45-12:15  SOC 224  M1  Families in Contemp. Spanish Society  TBA 
10:45-12:15  SOC 228  M1  Social, Cultural & Global Perspectives  Greenan 
10:45-12:15  SPAN 201  M1  Intermediate Spanish I  Martín Chamarande 
10:45-12:15  SCI 171  M1  The Built World: How Humans Engineer…  Sánchez Sánchez 
10:45-12:15  WRI 102  M1  First Year Writing II  4
12:30-14:00  PHIL 127  M1  Contemporary Moral Issues  4
12:30-14:00  SIB 321  M1  Introduction to International Business  Byrne 
12:30-14:00  SPAN 202  M1  Intermediate Spanish II  Martín Chamarande  2
12:30-15:30  SPAN 410/SPCS 410 M1  Representation and Reality in Spanish Cinema (Wed. only)2  Fernández Bencosme 
17:45-19:15  SPAN 295  M1  Spanish in the Workplace  Cabañas Alamán  5
POLS 310 M1  Global Political Economy  4 Isbell 

Tuesday & Thursday Classes

Time Course Number Sec Number  Course Name Credits Professor Room
8:30-10:30  SPAN 101 M1 Elementary Spanish  Cabañas 1
9:00-10:30  WRI 102  M2  First Year Writing II  Wood
10:45-12:15  CI 141  M1  A Creative Approach to Learning Saluste 1
10:45-12:15 HST 150 M1 Empires & Globalization in World Hist II 4 Santiago Cazull 2
12:30-14:00  CHEM 112 M1  General Chemistry II Saluste
Sci lab 
12:30-14:00  POLS 115  M1 

Evolution of the Global System 

12:30-14:00  HST 358  M1 Modern Spain: Society and the State, from Absolutism to Democracy Santiago Cazull  2
12:30-14:00 MKT 210 M1 Principles of Marketing 3 Xerri
SPAN 360 
Madrid a Cosmopolitan City (Thurs. only)3  4 Lourdes Fernández   2
14:00-15:30 POLS 521 M1 Internship in Government 4 Xidias 1

Tuesdays 14:10-15:50 - Activity Period (no classes scheduled)

14:15-15:45  ACCT  -- Accounting TUTORIAL (Thurs. only) --  Byrne  2
15:00-15:45 MATH R130  M1 Math Modern World Recitation (Thurs. only)  -- Taboada Vázquez  3
14:15-17:15  CHEM L112 M1  General Chemistry lab (Thurs. only)  Saluste  Sci Lab 
16:00-17:30  POLS 181  M1  Introduction to Comparative Politics  Xidias 
16:00-17:30  MATH 130 M1  Math for the Modern World
4 Taboada Vázquez 
16:00-17:30  PSYCH 325 M1  Health Psychology Khalife
17:45-19:15   M1 
Applied Microeconomics 3 Staff 4
Applied Statistics 4 Taboada 3
Human Sexuality 4 Khalife 2
19:30-21:00 SCI 112  M1  Structure of the Universe  3 Labiano 1
 19:30-21:00 EC 102 M1 
Global Macroeconomics Staff  4

Special Scheduling

Time Course Number Sec Number Course Name Credits Professor Room
11-15 Mar SCI L112 M1  Structure of the Universe Lab 1 Labiano/Stoev Lab 
9-11 Apr SCI L103 M1 Lab trip 1 Sánchez Sánchez  


Approximately half of the class meetings for ARH 102 Art History II will take place as visits to designated Madrid art museums. Because of travel time necessary, students may not register for classes immediately prior to or following ARH 102.

2 Students taking SPAN 410 for Spanish credit will meet regularly with the instructor outside of class and will carry out all written work in Spanish. For more information, consult the online syllabus for the course.

3 Approximately half of the class meetings for SPAN 360 Madrid a Cosmopolitan City will include walking tours and visits to designated Madrid sites. Because of travel time necessary to return to Campus afterwards, students may not register for classes immediately prior to SPAN 360.

TBA = To be announced
SUMC reserves the right to cancel any course or change its instructor, time or the language in which it is given should the need arise.

A minimum of ten students is required to make a class. It is therefore important for students to indicate alternative choices whenever possible.

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