Course Name Course Description Course Syllabus

PSYCH 114 - General Psychology

Surveys the concepts and representative findings in the major sub-fields of psychology: history and systems; physiology; perception; thinking; emotion; learning; motivation; development; personality; psychopathology; psychotherapy; and social behavior. Required for psychology majors. 4 credits


PSYCH 222 - Human Sexuality

Examines the field of human sexuality across the life span. Topics include: sexual anatomy and physiology, sexual development, typical and atypical sexual behavior, sexual dysfunctions, current research on human sexuality, and relationship issues as they relate to sexuality and intimacy. What are the social, emotional, and cognitive skills that humans need to make healthy sexual decisions and engage in fulfilling relationships? How do the sexual cultures in various communities today constrain and facilitate sexual wellness?

PSYCH 325 - Health Psychology

Examines how biological, psychological and social factors interact with and affect physical health and well-being. Topics include: the role of stress, coping, and behavioral patterns in acute and chronic illness, the psychosocial adjustment of patients with serious health problems, psychological factors impacting treatment adherence, and social determinants of health, and disparities in healthcare.