Course Name Course Description Course Syllabus

SOC 113 - Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the sociological understanding of human interaction, group process and social structures. Students are introduced to basic concepts, theories and methods of sociological investigation. Majors and minors must pass with a grade of C or better. 4 credits

SOC 113 [PDF]

SOC 224 - Families in Contemporary Society (Spain) An exploration of the diversity of contemporary families. Comparisons are made between the cultural myths of the "ideal family" and the lived realities. Challenges confronting contemporary families and their implications for social policy are examined in such areas as work/family conflicts, gay and lesbian families, welfare, family violence. 4 credits SOC 224 [PDF]
SOC 228 - Social, Cultural & Global Perspectives The course enables students to examine, as well as develop an awareness and appreciation of, diversity within today's society. Providing an overview of the major racial, ethnic and cultural groups in the US, the focus is on the ways in which cultural awareness enhances professional helping relationships and improves the operation of human services systems. 4 credits SOC 228 [PDF]
SOC 379 - Anthropological Perspectives on Spain The recent changes in both Spain and Portugal are only the latest in a series of important transformations which these two countries have undergone over the past fifty years or so. In that time, they have both gone from being predominantly rural societies where the majority of the population live and work on the land to becoming industrial societies not unlike those of northern Europe and North America. Yet the underlying cultural heterogeneity of the peoples of the Iberian Peninsula has meant that different regions have often had very distinct actions to the various pressures toward political, economic, and social change. This seminar will examine the ethnographic diversity of the Iberian Peninsula in its regional manifestations, using a specifically anthropological approach in order to better comprehend present-day Spain and Portugal. Madrid Campus only. 4 credits SOC 379 [PDF]