Madrid Fall Courses

The Fall 2022 course list is now available. Take a look to ensure you're ready to sign up for the right classes in Spain.

Fall 2022 Course List: 29 August - 1 December

Accounting for Decision Making I ACCT 201  M1 3 Byrne  
Principles of Business Law BLE 214  M1 3 Tous  
Organizational Behavior MGT 217  M1 3 Xerri  
Business Foundations SBS 101  M1 3 Byrne  
CareerSTART SBS 100  M1 1 Xerri
Introduction to International Business SIB 321  M1 3 Byrne  
Strategies for Success CAS 101  M1 1 Wood  
Strategies for Success  CAS 101   M2 1 Wood    
Global Macroeconomics EC 102  M1 3 Martinez  
Developmental Writing I WRI 100  M1 4 Wood  
First-Year Writing I WRI 101  M1 4 Wood  
First-Year Writing I  WRI 101   M2 Wood     
Developmental Writing 101 Lab WRI L101  M1 -- Wood  
Introduction to American Democracy POLS 110  M1 4 Xidias  
Research Methods for IR POLS 121  M1 4 Beltran  
Data Analysis & Politics POLS 201  M1 4 TBA  
Theory and Practice of IR POLS 261  M1 4 Irani  
Politics of Spain POLS 367  M1 4 Xidias  
Crisis and Integration in Europe POLS 382  M1 4 Metzner  
Internship in Political Science POLS 521  M1 4 Xidias  
Empires & Globalization in World History I HST 149  M1 4 Santiago  
The Origins of Spain HST 357    
SL-Walls & Bridges: Immigration from a Global Perspective HST 218  M1 4 Corral  
Art History2 ARH 101  M1 4 Cros  
Pre-calculus for Management & Social Sciences with Recitation3 MATH 104
 M1 4 Taboada  
Topics in Finite Math with Recitation3
MATH 130  M1  Taboada     
Ethics PHIL 119  M1 4 Greenan  
General Psychology PSYCH 114  M1 4 Khalife  
Human Sexuality PSYCH 222  M1 4 Khalife  
General Chemistry I with Lab CHEM 111/L111  M1 3/1 Saluste  
Introduction to Astronomy with Lab2 SCI 111/L111  M1 3/1 Labiano  
Science & Life in the 21st Century SCI 181  M1 4 Sánchez  
Diversity & Inclusion: A View from the Arts & Media SF 1205  M1 4 Fernández  
Unfolding the European Union SF 199  M1 4 Metzner  
Social Justice SOC 116  M1 4 Greenan  
Cultural Diversity SOC 228   M1  Greenan     
Elementary Spanish I5 SPAN 101  M1 4 Colomina S
Elementary Spanish II5 SPAN 102  M1 4 Martín S
Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201  M1 4 Martín S
Intermediate Spanish II SPAN 202  M1 4 Cabañas S
Advanced Conversation and Composition SPAN 290  M1 4 Cabañas S
Spanish in the Workplace SPAN 295  M1 4 Cabañas S
Spanish in the Workplace Internship6 SPAN I295  M1 4 Cabañas S
Spanish Cultural Studies2 SPAN 350  M1 4 Colomina S
Madrid, a Cosmopolitan City 2 SPAN 360  M1 4 Fernández S
Hispanic Culture Today SPAN 340  M1 4 Fernández S


Suffolk University Madrid Campus reserves the right to cancel any course or change its instructor, meeting time or the language in which it is given, should the need arise.

A minimum of 10 students is required to make a class. It is therefore important for students to indicate alternative choices whenever possible.

1 All courses are taught in English unless marked “S” (taught in Spanish).

2 An additional fee is charged as indicated for the mandatory activities programmed for the following Fall 2022 courses:

ARH 101 Art History I Museum visits (students pay for their own transportation) $55
HST 357 The Origins of Spain Field Trip $105
MATH 104 Pre-Calculus  Mandatory learning platform   $90
MATH 130 Finite Math  Mandatory learning platform   $90
SCI L111 Introduction to Astronomy lab Four-night field trip to Canary Islands observatory $1,235
SPAN 101 & 102 Elementary Spanish  Mandatory learning platform   $155
SPAN 201 & 202 Intermediate Spanish  Mandatory learning platform   $140
SPAN 290 Adv. Conversation & Composition Cultural Visits $145
SPAN 350 Spanish Cultural Studies Cultural Visits $65
SPAN 360 Madrid, A Cosmopolitan City Cultural Visits $65

*Course fees are subject to change. Please consult the individual course syllabi for details regarding the activities planned.

Course-related fees are 100% refundable if the student drops the course before the deadline for late registration. If the student drops the course after the late registration deadline, he or she will be liable for 100% of the course-related fee.

MATH 104 and MATH 130 will each meet 3h 45min weekly (class plus recitation). Please refer to the Fall 2022 class schedule for meeting days and times. For Mathematics and Statistics classes at SUMC a TI graphing calculator is required, except for MATH 128 where a scientific calculator suffices. Math classes have an extra fee to cover the mandatory learning platform.

All Suffolk University students, whether from the Boston or Madrid Campuses, are required to take at least one course in Spanish while in residence at SUMC. Spanish courses have an extra fee to cover the mandatory learning platform. Some courses have an additional fee for cultural activities.

5 SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 will each meet 4 hours weekly. Please refer to the Fall 2022 class schedule for meeting days and times.

6 SPAN I295 is taken together with SPAN 295 only by those students completing a Suffolk University Internship.

Updated: 4 May 2022