Madrid Summer Courses

The Summer 2019 course list now available. Take a look to ensure you're ready to sign up for the right classes in Spain.

Summer 2019 Course List

Summer 2019 Course List [PDF]


Data Science and Analytics ISOM 130 3 Zouharis  
Marketing for Entrepreneurs 2 MKT 420 3 Hartstein
Business Writing  SBS 220 3 Xerri  
Intro. to International Business2 SIB 321 3 Torrisi

Studies in American Literature ENG 142 4 Armbruster

Applied Statistics STATS 250 4 Taboada Vazquez

Structure of the Universe2 SCI 112/L112 4 Stoev

Elementary Spanish I SPAN 101 4 Cabañas S
Intermediate Spanish I SPAN 201 4 TBA S
Spanish in the Workplace SPAN 295 4 Cabañas Alaman S


1 All courses are taught in English unless marked as follows: “S” = taught in Spanish.

2 An additional fee is charged for the mandatory activities associated with the following summer 2019 courses:

Course # Course Name Activity Course-related fee*
MKT 420 Marketing for Entrepreneurs Visit to Mercamadrid (central wholesale market) $86
 SCI L112 M1 Structure of the Universe Five-day, four-night field trip to Canary Islands  $1,235
SIB 321 Intro. to International Business Corporate visits $55
* Course-related fees are 100% refundable if the student drops the course before the deadline for late registration. If the student drops the course after the late registration deadline, he or she will be liable for 100% of the course-related fee.

A minimum of 10 students is required to make a class. It is therefore important for students to indicate alternative choices whenever possible.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus reserves the right to cancel any course or change its instructor, time or the language in which it is given should the need arise.