Mandatory Health Insurance

You need health insurance while you study in Spain. Suffolk Madrid's got you covered.

Suffolk partners with Drum Cussac, AXA and Cultural Insurance Services International to provide anyone on University-related travel with access to immediate support should they experience challenges while traveling outside the United States.

Drum Cussac serves as our traveler’s first point of contact for medical, security, and evacuation services. This global travel assistance program includes an international travel accident and sickness insurance policy. Please explore the resources on this page to find important coverage and contact information.

According to the University’s Travel Arrangements and Reimbursement Policy and Procedures [PDF], travelers may not travel to a country for which the United States Department of State has issued a Level 3 or Level 4 Travel Advisory without prior approval from the Office of Risk Management.

Registering Your Travel

The online Drum Cussac travel platform contains critical traveler information, issues travel alerts to registered travelers and serves as the informational foundation of the University’s international emergency response protocols. In order to access all of the services and benefits of our global travel assistance program and to allow the University to respond appropriately during an emergency abroad, travelers must register their travel with Drum Cussac.


If you will be traveling abroad/away on a University-sponsored program (study abroad, global travel seminar, alternative winter break, etc.), the Center for International Programs and Services or the Office of Risk Management will report your travel dates to the Drum Cussac travel platform on your behalf.

If you plan to engage in independent travel abroad immediately before, during, and/or immediately after your University-sponsored program, the University highly-recommends that you report these plans directly to Drum Cussac by following the instructions found in the Drum Cussac Travel Registration [PDF] document.

Faculty and Staff

The University highly recommends that all faculty and staff register their international travel itinerary [PDF] with Drum Cussac.

If you are planning an international program or travel with students, please contact the Office of International Programs and Services or the Office of Risk Management for assistance in planning and pre-departure orientation.

Please contact the Office of Risk Management with any additional questions.

If you have an immediate medical, security or evacuation need, please call Drum Cussac at +1 857-343-8107.