Visas, Passports & Travel Documents

If you're not a European Union citizen, you must get a Spanish student visa so you can study in Spain for more than 90 days. This helpful information will help you get this important documentation

General Visa Information

A visa is authorization from a country's government to enter and/or temporarily reside in that country. A Spanish visa is actually a green sticker that's placed on a page in your passport.

Finding out whether you need a visa and then obtaining one if you do is solely your responsibility. Suffolk Madrid cannot intervene in any visa request procedures.

Spanish consulates around the world handle visa applications. Click here (external) to see where to find them, since most require that you apply in person. Although they follow the same general guidelines, specific documentation varies by consulate and some require supplementary forms. Be sure to contact the consulate with jurisdiction over your place of residence for details.

Most consulates require that you make an appointment online, but a few don’t. Check the consulate’s website where you will submit your application.

You need to be enrolled full-time to obtain your student visa. In fact, all consulates will require an acceptance letter in its original form stating that you have been officially accepted to Suffolk Madrid. Don't start this process until you've been accepted!

Once you have been accepted, we strongly encourage you to start this process as early as possible. It can be quite long, and you need to gather various documents.

With few exceptions, you must obtain a student visa to study at Suffolk University Madrid Campus. We can deny enrollment if you arrive in Spain without a valid visa. These exceptions are:

  • If you plan to stay in Spain for 90 days or less, and your country does not require a tourist visa for Spain, you just need a valid passport.
  • If you hold a European Union passport, you don't need a visa.

General Passport Information

A passport allows you to travel to foreign countries. This international identification verifies your nationality. You must have a passport before you can apply for a student visa.

Another Travel Document to Keep in Mind

If you're spending a full year with us, you'll need a Spanish Student Residency Card too once you're in Spain. You'll need to start this process within 30 days of your arrival. Unlike with the visa process, our staff will help you with this.