FAQs - Admission

Choosing to study in Madrid is a major decision--one that's probably inspired some questions. You can view some short videos and read the answers to some of the most common questions below.

More About Admission Requirements

A: Our admission requirements are the same as those for the Boston Campus. If you want to earn an undergraduate degree from Suffolk University, you can apply as an incoming freshman or as a transfer student. See the application form for the complete list of documentation required for your application to be considered.

A: Please submit an official transcript from your current university, and we’ll evaluate the classes you’ve taken to consider them for transfer credit. In some instances, you may have to contact an outside evaluation company. If everything transfers in, your time in Madrid will be reduced by the corresponding amount of time you studied at your previous university. Roughly speaking, for example, a year of coursework transferred in will leave you approximately a year’s worth of coursework at Suffolk Madrid. After your time in Madrid, you’ll transition to Suffolk Boston. Although the final credit evaluation is the determining factor, general education requirements (English, humanities, math) usually transfer in.

More About Our Campus

A: We’re proud of our international faculty: They boast academic training from and teaching experience in universities around the world. All have a strong commitment to teaching and a sincere interest in their students. You can be sure your professor will know you by name.

A: Of course! Please email us so we can arrange for a student to contact you and share more about the Suffolk Madrid experience.

More About Academics

A: You can major in Spanish at Suffolk Madrid. Obviously, Spain is the perfect place to learn and improve your Spanish, but you can practice another language on your own with members of Madrid’s large international community.

A: Yes! Because you’ll need to complete degree requirements in two different academic departments, though, you might need an extra semester or two of coursework. The timing will depend on how many required courses your majors have in common.

A: No. At this time, all our courses are designed for on-campus students only.

More About the Application Process & Suffolk's Campuses

A: You can check your online admission portal to see what documents have been received, and which ones are still pending. Once your file is complete, it will be evaluated by the admission review committee. Early-Action admission decisions are sent by December 20; Regular Admission decisions are released periodically thereafter.

A: Suffolk University’s Boston-based Office of Undergraduate Admission makes all admission decisions. The same criteria are used for both campuses.

A: It’s usually possible, but we need to consider some factors first. Please contact Suffolk’s Office of Undergraduate Admission; they’ll tell you how to make this change.