SUMC-Sponsored Housing

Welcome to your new home base—Madrid! While you're at Suffolk University Madrid Campus, you can live in the housing option that suits you best: a homestay with a local family, or a student residence.

Madrid is a densely populated city of about 5 million. Despite the size of this world capital, Madrid's public transportation system (buses, subways, and commuter trains) makes it easy to get to any part of the city. No matter where you live, you'll have easy access to public transportation.

Suffolk Madrid students typically like to live near the center of the city, even if that means traveling a bit more to get to class. Keep in mind: In Spain, campus facilities are different from what you might expect. Spanish students go to university just to attend class. Then they go home, to work, to the gym, or to hang out somewhere. Once classes wrap up, life takes place all around Madrid, not on campus.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus has no on-campus housing. Instead, you have your choice of living with a host family in a homestay, or in more traditional dorm-style student residences.

Housing Options

Studying at Suffolk Madrid gives you a world-class opportunity to learn and live in a world capital. You can choose the type of housing that will help you feel most at home.

  Main Residence Secondary Residence Homestay
Description A more “typical” college dorm experience and roommates are usually other Suffolk Madrid students. Other building residents are primarily Spanish university students. Living arrangements are with a local family to best immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and language.
Room Type Double rooms with bathroom & shower.
Equipped with mini-fridge and sink.
An apartment that combines the privacy of a single bedroom with the social aspect of some shared apartment common areas such as the kitchen, which is only shared with your roommate.
Either a double or single room
Bathroom is shared with other family members
Room Availability Our most common residence for Suffolk Madrid students. Most residents are our returning students. We encourage any of our students to take part in a homestay.
Meal Plan Full Board: 3 meals/day, 7 days a week.
Dietary preferences and allergies cards included.
Monthly meal stipend for groceries to cook for yourself and/or buy meals.
Optional half- or full-board meal plans are available if you prefer not to cook.
Full Board: 3 meals/day, 7 days a week.
Meals are provided by your host family who can accommodate personal meal preferences.
Guest Policy Overnight Guests are not allowed.
Location 10-minute walk from campus. 10-minute metro ride from campus. Locations vary (usually less than 20 minutes away from campus).
Laundry Service Self-service, pay-per-load washer/dryer in building. Laundry services are included.
Cleaning Service Once a week cleaning of common areas (bathroom, kitchen, etc) is provided*. Cleaning services are included.
Additional Information Access to a 24-hour gym, co-working study spaces, sun terraces, and other common areas.
Towels, bed linens, pillows, and blankets are provided.
Dietary preferences and allergies are more easily attended to.
Towels, bed linens, pillows, and blankets are provided.

*Weekly cleaning service is conditional. If cleaners arrive and are unable to access the common areas (due lack of hygiene or organization) individual services will paused and the student will be charged a fine.