SUMC-Sponsored Housing

Welcome to your new home base, Madrid! While you're here, you can live in the housing option that suits you best: a homestay with a family, a student residence, or (if you're not a first-year student) a shared apartment.

Madrid is a densely populated city of about 5 million. Despite the size of this world capital, Madrid's public transportation system (buses, subways, and commuter trains) makes it easy to get to any part of the city. No matter where you live, you'll have easy access to public transportation.

Suffolk Madrid students typically like to live near the center of the city, even if that means traveling a bit more to get to class. Keep in mind: In Spain, campus facilities are different from what you might expect. Spanish students go to university just to attend class. Then they go home, to work, to the gym, or to hang out somewhere. Once classes wrap up, life takes place all around Madrid, not on campus.

Suffolk University Madrid Campus has no on-campus housing. Instead, you have your choice of: