Host Families

Want to immerse yourself in the Spanish way of life, improve your Spanish language skills, and enjoy a home environment while keeping your independence? Then live with a host family! We handpick our families to ensure quality experiences for our students, many of whom form lasting friendships with their hosts.

We work with several kinds of host families: single women with or without children, young couples, and more traditional families with children. Some live within walking distance of SUMC, some are in the city center, and others live in more residential areas of Madrid that are an easy commute to campus.

This housing option includes a full-board meal plan; a double or single room; laundry and cleaning services; and internet access. Host families tend to be more flexible than student residences when it comes to schedules, dietary preferences, laundry needs, etc. Please note, though: Visitors and overnight guests are not allowed in host family accommodations.

More About Meals

While host families typically cook Spanish cuisine, you can share your personal food and schedule preferences with yours. You won't have kitchen privileges, though.

Breakfast (el desayuno) in Spain is light compared to what you might be used to. The norm is coffee (café con leche) or hot chocolate (colacao), toast, cereal, cookies or muffins, and maybe a glass of juice. Lunch (la comida) is usually the main meal of the day, while dinner (la cena) is often a lighter affair. These meals are served seven days a week.

The sobremesa, time spent talking during and at the end of a family meal, is important in Spain. Unless you have an urgent appointment and must be excused, you really should take advantage of this time if your host family eats together.