Applying for your Tarjeta Transporte Público

Public transportation in Madrid is safe, reliable, and cheaper than in many other big cities. It’s also easy to navigate. If you’re going to be in Madrid for at least a month, the best and cheapest option to move around is the tarjeta transporte público, or TTP. It only costs 20€ per month if you’re under 26 (plus 4€ for the card itself).

If you don’t want a TTP, but still want to use public transport, you can buy a “bono multi” for 2.50€ and top it with 10-ride passes which cost 12.20€. You could also buy single tickets for 1.50€-2.50€, but you’ll find this gets expensive fast. For more information, see the Madrid Public Transport website.

Advantages of the TTP

  • 20€ per month is almost certainly less than you would pay buying single tickets or 10-ride passes
  • It is valid for 30 days from the moment you start using it, not by calendar month
  • In case of theft or loss of the card, you can recuperate the remaining credit
  • It’s contactless, does not get demagnetized, and is quick and easy to validate
  • You don’t need to worry about carrying cash for tickets
  • You can easily budget the amount you’ll spend on transportation
  • You don’t need to pay the 3€ extra fee every time you travel to/from the airport
  • You get a discount on Madrid’s bike rental system

Ways to Get your TTP

There are two ways for you to apply for your TTP:

  • Online
    Apply for it online and get it by mail in two weeks. You’ll need a passport-style photo, photo of your main passport page, and a valid credit card. If you do this in advance, you’ll have your pass ready by the time you arrive to Campus
  • In-Person
    Once you arrive in Madrid, make an appointment through our partner CityLife Madrid, visit the transportation office, and receive your card on the spot. For your appointment, you’ll need your passport

Once you have your TTP, you need to put credit on it. You can do this in the ticket machines at any Metro station. You can pay with cash or card. Be sure to get your receipt!

Follow these instructions to apply for your card. We encourage you to request it 2-4 weeks before your arrival in Madrid, so you can use it as soon as you get here.

  1. Go to the TTP Application
    When the page asks you about cookies and data protection, click “Aceptar y Continuar”
  2. Where it says "Selecciona una de las siguientes opciones," click "Individual"
    When the pop-up appears regarding data protection “Información sobre Protección de Datos,” click “Cerrar”
  3. Validate your Identification
    1. Where it says “Tipo de Documento,” choose “Pasaporte"
    2. Where it says "Código ISO," select USA or your country's code
      Please Note: the listing for the USA is found with countries beginning alphabetically with the letter E
    3. Where it says “Documento,”put yout passport number
  4. Fill in the request form with the required details. When you have finished, press “Siguiente”
    • Nombre: First name
    • Apellido 1: Your first last name (most Americans only have one)
    • Apellido 2: Second last name, if you have one
    • Fecha Nacimiento (Día, Mes, Año): Date of birth (Day, Month, Year)
  5. When you have finished, press “Iniciar Solicitud On-Line”
  6. Fill in the details on the next page of the form
    Please note: Where it asks for your phone number, use 606432319 instead of your own number
  7. Where it says "Domicilio de envío de la Tarjeta de Transporte," put the Suffolk Madrid Campus address
    • Provincia: Madrid
    • Municipio: Madrid
    • C. Postal: 28003
    • Tipo vía: Calle
    • Nombre vía: de la Vina
    • Nº: 3
    • Leave all other fields blank
  8. When you have finished, click "Siguiente"
  9. Upload a recent color photo where you can clearly see your face, and crop it ("Recortar area seleccionada"). It must be a passport-style photo with a white background. The photo must be of high quality, in color, with your head uncovered (no hats or glasses)
  10. Where it says "Documento de Identidad," upload in color a photo of the main page of your passport
  11. Skip the next two boxes
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the two checkboxes authorizing authorities to check your information nd swearing that the information is all correct then click “Siguiente”
  13. You will be given a summary of your details. Make sure these are all correct then click "Siguiente"
  14. On the payment page where it says "Titular de la tarjeta bancaria," write the name on the credit card then click "Siguiente"
  15. Fill in the card details. Your TTP card will cost 4€
  16. Click “Guardar hoja de solicitud,” which will download a receipt of your application in the unlikely case that there is an issue

You’re done! Your TTP will be sent to Campus, and SUMC staff will make sure you get it when you arrive.