PhD Students Land Competitive National Internships

Thirteen students in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program obtained internships at highly competitive sites across the nation this year. The pre-doctoral internship sites are known for their quality and competitiveness, and internship slots are in high demand at these locations.

Amy Allgair was accepted into an internship at Brown Medical School in Rhode Island; Lindsay Barker at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, The Tucker Hillside Hospital, NY; Andrea DeSantis at Andrus Children's Center, NY; Erin Gibbons at Aurora Mental Health Center, CO; and Carrie Silver at University of California, Davis--CAARE Diagnostic & Treatment Center, CA.

In Massachusetts, Carla Bernardes was accepted into an internship at Boston Medical Center/Boston University School of Medicine--Center of Multicultural Training in Psychology, MA; Shelby Hardy at Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, MA; Justin Hill at Boston Consortium--General Mental Health Clinic, MA; Carrie Landa at May Behavioral Health Services, MA; Anne Miller at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Mental Health Center, MA; Valerie Miller at Tewksbury Hospital/Hathorne Mental Health, MA; Irene Piryatinsky at Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, MA; and Paola Rodriguez at Boston Consortium--Child Psychology at Boston Medical Center, MA.

"This is only one indication of the high quality of our students and the national reputation our doctoral program in clinical psychology has attained," says Professor Gary Fireman, director of clinical training. "It really highlights the amazing quality of our students."

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