Federal Debt Cancellation Info

On August 24, 2022, the Biden-Harris administration announced it will provide targeted student debt cancellation to borrowers with loans held the U.S. Department of Education. While Suffolk University awaits further details on the specifics of the program, we are committed to providing our students and alumni with as much information as possible.

Who qualifies for student debt cancellation?

The US Department of Education will make the determination on who qualifies for this program. A more specific application process is expected to be announced this fall. Recently, the Department of Education provided some additional information on the program, including answers to frequently asked questions.  Once more information is available, we will share it with the Suffolk community.

How can I determine if I received a Federal Pell Grant? Where can I view information on my outstanding federal student loan debt?

Current and former students can view their entire financial aid history, including both information on Federal Pell Grants received and outstanding federal student loan debt, by logging into studentaid.gov.

If you received a Federal Pell Grant, your dashboard will contain “Grants” in the “My Aid” section. To confirm your grants are Federal Pell Grants, click on “View Details.”

The dashboard for loan borrowers will include information on your federal student loan balance and the federal loan servicer(s) who are responsible for administering your loans in the “Loans” section of “My Aid.”

While the specifics of the process to receive student debt cancellation have not yet been shared, at this time we are expecting the Department of Education will use the data available at studentaid.gov to verify some eligibility requirements for student debt cancellation. We do not anticipate Suffolk University will need to provide students or alumni with documentation for the application process.

What steps can I take now while we wait for more information on student debt cancellation?

  1. Make sure your loan servicer has your correct mailing address, phone, and email contact information. This will ensure you receive any upcoming instructions on the program. Not sure who your servicer is? The information is available via studentaid.gov.
  2. Sign up for email updates from the U.S. Department of Education. Choose the Federal Student Loan Borrower Updates option to receive the most recent announcements on this program.