CoVerified, Symptom Reporting & Surveillance Testing

The University uses CoVerified, a comprehensive COVID-19 platform designed for college campuses, for self-attestation, health screening, test-result management, contact tracing, and monitoring COVID-19 viral transmission rates and trends on campus. CoVerifed use will be necessary for all individuals who come to campus for any reason (attending classes, visiting the Library or any campus office, participating in in-person student activities or working on campus).

Suffolk University students, faculty, and staff use CoVerified to monitor and report their daily health screenings and to complete a self-attestation that facilitates access to campus buildings, including residence halls and University-sponsored hotels. All community members are required to show their “CLEARED” green light on the app to access buildings. This green light will automatically appear onscreen, stamped with the date and time, once a self-attestation is completed and an individual is deemed safe to proceed to campus.

Once downloaded, your status will default to RESTRICTED. You must complete a symptom check by clicking Report and answering the question. If at any time during the semester, you become RESTRICTED users may click “Why am I restricted” to learn about their status. With a “RESTRICTED” status, users are not permitted to enter campus buildings with out having the restriction listed. Please check your app often to ensure you will be able to enter campus buildings. When users are “RESTRICTED,” to remove the restriction, users should click on the Info Tab and report their restricted status via the Testing Restrictions Tab. The health staff will review your request and lift the restriction, if appropriate. This may take 24-48 hours. Please be patient, call CHW or another office will not speed up the process.

Users must schedule their COVID-19 tests through the app, and it prompts anyone who tests positive to enter their close contacts.

The CoVerified app includes links to public health and governmental guidance, updated advisories, descriptions of COVID-19 symptoms, Suffolk’s COVID advisory website, and more.

Please read the CoVerified app guide [PDF] thoroughly before downloading the app. A downloadable guide for parents [PDF] is also available.

You may download the CoVerified app from the App Store or on their website

If you have difficulty with:

  • The app’s functionality, click on the INFO tab, then APP SUPPORT, then describe your problem and hit submit. 

If you do not have a cell phone:

What if I already had COVID-19?

If you can prove that you had COVID by providing documentation to CHW, you will not be expected to test for 3 months from your positive test date. You will also not be expected to quarantine upon your return. You MUST upload your positive test documentation through the CHW Health portal ( under the COVID-19 test results tab.

If you had symptoms of COVID but you were not tested, you will need to test on campus and you will need to quarantine upon your return.

In either case, please make an appointment for a telehealth visit through the CHW Health portal on/after 8AM on a day that you are available to connect via telehealth. You must talk with a CHW Nurse Practitioner if you had COVID over the winter break. 

If a residence student tests positive for COVID-19, that student must isolate from others. CHW will work with Residence Life and Housing Services to arrange for the student to go to a private room or semi-private room with another student who is also in isolation. Students living in university-sponsored hotels may be required to relocate for the duration of the quarantine or isolation. When completed, students may return to their original rooms.