If You Test Positive or Are Diagnosed With COVID

If you test positive for COVID-19, please stay home and consult a healthcare provider for further guidance.

Positive test result through Suffolk’s testing program

If the positive test was obtained through our on-campus testing program, the medical team at Suffolk will be in touch as soon as the results are returned. A member of the Residence Life and Housing Services (RLHS) staff will also reach out to residential students.

Positive test result from an off-campus provider

All faculty, staff, and students who are diagnosed with COVID-19 by a non-Suffolk medical provider (doctor, clinic, pharmacy, etc.) should immediately email Counseling, Health and Wellness to report the diagnosis. Please type “COVID Diagnosis” in the subject line.

Students should also go to the Student Health Portal to setup a same-day appointment for a COVID visit with a nurse practitioner. The Portal opens at midnight for same day appointments. Please only call CHW if/when there are no appointment slots available. Residential students will also be contacted by a member of the Residence Life and Housing Services (RLHS) staff.

Faculty and staff should notify their manager and consult a healthcare provider.

Counseling, Health, and Wellness Procedures After Diagnosis

During the initial conversation, the CHW nurse practitioner will do the following:

  • Explain how and why you will need to isolate for 10 days from the positive test or from symptom onset if you have developed symptoms.
  • Discuss the diagnosis and answer questions.
  • Ask you to identify close contacts (see definition below).
  • Discuss quarantine and isolation mandates and the difference between them. Students may travel home to quarantine or isolate with family but should be mindful about not interacting with others to minimize their risk of becoming infected with COVID.
  • Arrange a new temporary housing assignment during the quarantine or isolation period (if necessary and if you are a resident student) and inform you how to order meals for delivery to your residence hall room through Chartwells. You will be sent an instruction sheet and contact information for staff should you need assistance. Students with COVID may share living quarters with other infected individuals during the isolation period if the opportunity is available at the time of their diagnosis.
  • Set expectations for continued communication during the isolation period.

Student Absences Due to a COVID-19 Diagnosis

A student who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not attend class. They are encouraged to discuss their academic or personal needs due to COVID with the Student Affairs Office. To schedule a Zoom appointment or have an absence notification sent to the faculty, email Student Affairs. Student Affairs does not excuse absences and students are expected to speak directly with their faculty about how to make up work, etc. while ill. Students should be mindful that some classes that are highly interactive may have restrictions on how much class time they may miss when ill.

Read more information about the contact tracing process.

Quarantine and Isolation

Isolation refers to the separation of infected individuals from non-infected individuals. Students diagnosed with COVID may isolate with other students diagnosed with COVID. This may mean that you will be temporarily relocated to another residence hall room. Free meals will be provided by Chartwells using an online order form, which will be delivered to your room.

Quarantine is the term used to refer to the separation of individuals who were exposed to COVID but have not tested positive themselves.

If you are fully vaccinated, you are not required to quarantine following an exposure. Fully vaccinated close contacts should still monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID for 14 days following an exposure.

View guidance from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

If you have a religious or medical exemption or have not reached fully vaccinated status, you will be required to quarantine. Guidance will be provided by the medical team specific to your clinical presentation, vaccination status, and medical needs. Students will be directed to immediately quarantine in a room by themselves. If they are living in a residence hall, they will need to be temporarily relocated to another residence hall room. They will use an online order form to order free meals provided by Chartwells.

If you develop symptoms, after having been identified as a close contact, you should assume you have contracted COVID and isolate yourself from others right away. Faculty and staff should notify their manager and contact a healthcare provider for guidance. Students should log onto the Student Health Portal to make an appointment to discuss their symptoms with a nurse practitioner. Testing and isolation will be advised in accordance with public health guidance.

Students may go home to quarantine or isolate with family. However, students with COVID should not travel by public transportation including air or train travel. Students with COVID and their families should use great caution due to the possible spread of COVID to non-infected individuals.

If you are symptomatic, but not identified as a close contact, guidance will be provided based on the likelihood that your symptoms meet the definition of a probable COVID case. If COVID is suspected, you will be instructed to stay home until test results are obtained and a decision is made about whether or not a longer isolation period is necessary.