Common Area & Work Space Protocols

Faculty and staff will be working flex schedules to lower personnel density on campus. Face coverings and social distancing are required in all shared or common areas. Furniture in common areas has been reduced and reconfigured to facilitate social distancing. No matter your office situation, make sure to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Reception, Security, and Service Desks

These areas are now equipped with acrylic barriers, hand sanitizer, and floor decals for social distancing.

Individual office and department waiting areas may also need to be reconfigured for social distancing. Furniture can be marked with “Please Don’t Sit Here” signs. Queue lines should have “Please Wait Here for Social Distancing” floor decals. These signs and decals may be requested from Facilities. 

Appointment-scheduling software is also recommended to reduce walk-ins and limit people gathering in these areas. If your office/department does not have scheduling software, contact the ITS Service Desk to learn about available tools.


If there is a line to use the restroom, remember to maintain social distance while waiting. Keep your face covering on at all times. Thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Open and Shared Work Spaces

Work spaces with multiple and/or transient occupants—like adjunct offices or work-study student spaces—must be configured for social distancing, and occupants must wear a face covering at all times. Departments with open and shared work spaces should consider creating a schedule, log sheet, or reservation system to manage occupancy. Use of shared equipment should be limited, and nonessential items and/or personal effects should be covered or removed to facilitate surface cleaning and disinfection. Disinfectant wipes should be used to frequently clean high-touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, desks, chairs, cabinet handles, and electronics.

Private Offices

Face coverings are not required when you are working alone in a private office. If you choose to allow other employees or students to visit your office, be sure to maintain social distancing and wear your face covering.


Classroom furniture has been reduced and reconfigured to decrease density and maintain social distancing. In addition:

  • Wipes are available for faculty and students to clean their spots before each class.
  • Faculty will be given their own set of supplies—dry-erase markers and whiteboard erasers—to bring to each class.
  • Student technology facilitators will clean instructor and student workstations in HyFlex courses at the end of each class.
  • Faculty and students must keep their face coverings on during class.
  • The Integrated Response Team is working with the Faculty Senate to assess personal protective equipment that will minimize risks in the classroom.

Labs, Art Studios, and Field Work and Law Clinical Spaces

Specific criteria have been developed for faculty and staff working in these environments. Please refer to the relevant safety standards for your department.

Employee Kitchens, Print Rooms, Mail Rooms, and Other Shared Spaces

Employees are expected to use face coverings and sanitation supplies, and maintain social distance in these spaces. Soap dispensers have been added to kitchens for handwashing before eating. Offices and departments should no longer have communal candy bowls or share other food or utensils. We encourage them to arrange specific shared space protocols that work best for them, such as capacity limits, schedules, etc.


Before and after eating, you should wash your hands thoroughly to reduce the potential transmission of the virus. If you are eating in your work environment (break room, office, etc.), maintain six feet distance between you and others and do not sit facing one another. Only remove your face covering in order to eat, then put it back on. Departments should remove or rearrange chairs and tables or add visual cue marks in employee break rooms to support social distancing practices between employees. Wipe all surfaces, including desk, chair, table, refrigerator handle, coffee machine, etc. after each use.


Dining Services has updated protocols and hours of operation for all campus dining facilities.


Lounge furniture has been reduced and reconfigured to maintain social distancing. Some lounges will be available for casual use, while others must be reserved in advance. Information about the reservation system is forthcoming.

Conference Rooms

Each conference room will have new capacities posted.


Please refer to the COVID-19 Visitor Policy for more detailed information.