Navigating Campus

There are new traffic patterns for entering, exiting, and moving around within University buildings. Everyone entering any campus building must check in at the security desk. Check-in points have been added at the Modern Theatre, the Samia Academic Center, and the Sawyer Building. Detailed traffic flows for each building are available in the FAQs.

With these new traffic patterns, be sure to plan for longer travel times between campus locations. Students and faculty will have 30 minutes between each class to allow time for campus navigation and restroom breaks.


Look for markers and signage posted throughout campus, including;

  • “Enter Only” and “Exit Only” on main entry doors, with additional “Exit Only” signs on some secondary entrances to assist with traffic flow where possible
  • Floor decals—reminders to maintain social distance—in places where lines are likely to form, such as reception and security desks and elevators

Signage for individual offices and departments, including custom orders, can be requested from Facilities. Pre-made signs include:

  • “Enter Only,” “Exit Only,” and “Do Not Enter” (door decals)
  • “Stairs to Upper Floors” and “Stairs to Lower Floors” (door/wall decals)
  • “One-Way Only, Please” (stair decal)
  • “One-Way Only” (wall decal or paper)
  • “Two-Way Traffic” (wall decal or paper)
  • Arrow (wall decal or paper)
  • “Please Wait Here for Social Distancing” (floor decal)
  • “Please Don’t Sit Here” (furniture decal)
  • “Please Practice Social Distancing/Remember to Wear a Face Covering”
  • “Make Sure You Wash Your Hands for 20 Seconds”

CDC signs

  • “Stop the Spread of Germs”
  • “Help Prevent COVID-19 with Social Distancing”

Moving Between Floors

Taking the stairs: Stairways are a quick and easy way to maintain distancing while moving between floors, if you are able. Due to the quick interactions within stairwells, two-way traffic will be permitted but please remember to social distance whenever possible.

Taking an elevator: Occupancy will be limited to two or three passengers per trip, depending on the elevator’s size. The specific occupancy for elevators in each building will be posted. Passengers should face away from each other and stand in designated spaces, indicated by floor decals, within each elevator.