Travel Policy During COVID-19

Updated September 17, 2021

Domestic Travel

Because of the constantly shifting public health conditions, Suffolk-sponsored student travel involving an overnight stay in the United States is suspended for the Fall semester, starting September 20, 2021. Students currently traveling may finish their trip as scheduled. The suspension applies to trips involving both undergraduates and graduate students. If the faculty or staff sponsor of a planned trip wishes to appeal this decision, they should contact Risk Management. The appeal process will follow the steps outlined for approval of international travel, with the final decision made by the Provost for academic travel and the Dean of Students for non-academic travel. Domestic travel by employees is not affected by this change in policy. The policy also does not apply to approved student athletic team travel under Athletics Department safety protocols.

International Travel

International travel for academic or business purposes requires approval by the appropriate senior leader, i.e., Senior Vice President Laura Sander for business travel by staff or Provost Julie Sandell for academic travel by faculty or students. All student organization travel must be approved in advance by the Student Leadership and Involvement Office.

We are implementing a three-step process:

  1. Students, faculty and staff planning to travel outside the United States for academic or business purposes should consult with our Risk Management team (Karen Kruppa or Tim Albers) when planning that travel for advice on risks and risk mitigation;
  2. The Risk Management team will consult with senior leadership on each case of requested travel;
  3. Senior leadership will approve or deny each request for international travel.

For more on information on international and domestic travel guidance, please refer to the CDCs page.