Face Coverings

Effective August 9, 2021

As a result of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts and heightened concerns about the transmissibility of the Delta variant, the University has instituted new indoor face covering campus protocols.

Until further notice, face coverings will be required in highly trafficked, public areas of campus, including all classrooms, as well as in elevators and building lobbies. Face coverings must also be worn in conference rooms or other meeting and gathering spaces where community members are required to attend in relatively close proximity to others. Over the next two weeks, signs will be placed in public areas, such as classrooms, indicating where masks are required for everyone, including those who are fully vaccinated.

If you are fully vaccinated and in a space where you are able to maintain a reasonable amount of distance from others, and where there is no specific mask requirement, you can lower or take off your mask. For example, a mask is not required while sitting alone in the library. Fully vaccinated residential students also can choose whether to wear masks when in their own residential rooms or in most residential common areas. Moreover, masks do not need to be worn in designated dining areas while actively eating or drinking.

While individuals do not have to wear masks when in their private offices, cubicle spaces, or residential rooms, they can require that masks be worn when other community members or visitors enter those spaces. Because we want to protect all members of our campus community as well as the broader community, if you are politely asked to wear a mask, we ask that you put one on.

All unvaccinated individuals who have received a medical or religious exemption from our vaccination requirement must continue to wear a mask at all times on campus except when alone in a residence room or office.

This policy will also apply to campus visitors.

Common Area and Work Space Protocols

Face coverings are required in all indoor public spaces on campus (with some exceptions listed below). Wipes and hand sanitizer are available throughout campus to use as needed.

Reception, Security, and Service Desks

Face coverings are required at all transaction counters throughout campus. Additionally, these areas are equipped with acrylic barriers, disinfecting wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Classrooms and Labs

Face coverings are required in all classrooms and lab spaces throughout campus, including, theaters, art and design studios, science labs, media labs, etc. Additionally, these areas are equipped with disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

Event Spaces

Face coverings are required in all indoor event spaces during large gatherings. Additionally, these areas are equipped with disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer.

Cafeterias, Libraries, and Lounges

Face coverings are required to be worn in all indoor locations on campus with the exception of:

  • Dining halls when individuals are actively eating or drinking
  • Residence hall rooms and residence hall lounges; masks are required in residence hall lobbies, elevators, and all other lounges on campus
  • Study rooms and enclosed Library spaces occupied by a single student

Conference Rooms and Work Spaces

Face coverings are not required in conference rooms when distance can be maintained. Face coverings are also not required in employee work spaces that are not generally open to the public, including private offices, cubicles, and open-floor-plan work spaces. Masks should be worn by employees and students entering someone else’s immediate workspace, unless the employee or student is fully vaccinated and the occupant of the workspace invites the person entering their workspace to remove their mask and that person chooses to do so.