Faculty FAQs

General COVID-19 Information

See the Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excelence (CTSE) Continuity of Learning website for useful information. We also recommend contacting your Chair and/or Program Director within your department, as they are likely to have useful suggestions. Faculty have also indicated that sharing questions and knowledge learned with colleagues has helped. Please remember, we are all learning, having successes and making mistakes as we adjust to working remotely.

Our faculty search season for this year is almost over. Any remaining interviews will rely on distance technology. Please consult with your Chair and Dean if you have any questions.

All on-campus events through the end of this academic year have been postponed, canceled, or shifted to an online environment. Please consult the event organizer if you have questions about the status of an event.

Information about an automatic one-year postponement of third year reviews and tenure reviews was sent from the provost directly to each affected faculty member. Please consult your deans’s office with any questions about these reviews or questions about the annual review process in your school.

Distance Learning

The CTSE Continuity of Learning website is an excellent resource for distance teaching information. Please look for CTSE Continuity of Learning Support and Updates sent by email. You may also find the Sawyer Library Continuity of Learning LibGuide useful. Many department Chairs are meeting regularly and are also great resource.

For technical support, please contact Technical Support Services.  There are a few ways to do so:

Your department Chair and/or Program Director may be able to provide additional information.

The Coronavirus Advisory webpage is an excellent first step. Another useful resource is the Suffolk University Community. In addition, your Deans office will be able to answer questions about grading and course evaluation policies.

It is important to understand the specific student population within your class and the scheduled class time (e.g., international students, early morning classes with domestic students living on the West coast). With this information, consult with the CTSE Continuity of Learning website, your Chair, Program Director, and/or your Deans office to find the best options.

If your course is an internship based and/or service learning based course and students can no longer attend their sites, please consult your Chair and Dean’s Office to determine the best options.

Support Services

The Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center is open and operational. All medical and counseling services are being provided using HIPAA-secure telemedicine and remote access technology. Students can make appointments for private consultation with providers. The Interfaith Center, Suffolk Cares, Student Affairs, and Student Success are also in full operation.

Employees in need of emotional support are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program for assistance. For more information visit the EAP website, enter “Suffolk University” for the company name, and “guest” for the password, or call them at 1-800-828-6025.

No. You still have your full benefits coverage.