The Counseling Center is staffed by seven licensed psychologists, three doctoral interns, one practicum student, and one psychiatric nurse practitioner. All staff members are well-trained and experienced in dealing with the adjustment problems common to a college population. More importantly, they are dedicated professionals who are expert at developing counseling plans which meet the particular needs of each client.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Zara Konarski, PMHCNS
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Case Manager

Angela Ridgley, LCSW
Boston University School of Social Work

Interns, 2017-2018

Diana Hinojosa, M.A.
University of Denver

Leah Levy, M.S.
Antioch University New England

Anna Potter, M.S.
Antioch University New England

Counseling, Health & Wellness Front Desk Administrative Coordinators

Julia Albo

Lucia Ciccarello

Jo-Ann Mastro

Sheila McCarthy

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Staff Biographies

Dr. Joyce-Brady’s career in higher education spans over thirty years of experience as a licensed psychologist and/or senior student affairs administrator at both public and private institutions. She has served as a supervisor, trainer, and consultant for departments of counseling, disability support services, residence life, multicultural affairs, student leadership, academic support, and recreation and wellness. Dr. Joyce-Brady holds a Master of Education degree from the University of Delaware in College Counseling and a doctorate in Counseling and Student Personnel Administration from the University of Maryland. Her dissertation research focused upon counseling strategy preferences for Black female college students. She is a licensed psychologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has presented at both the regional and national level regarding current issues affecting the health and well-being of college students. Diversity dialogues, campus civility, sexual harassment, discrimination, relationship violence, sexual assault/sexual coercion and crisis management are some of the campus concerns about which she has provided leadership, training and/or counseling services.

Dr. Joyce-Brady is committed to providing healthcare services that address students’ intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs in a holistic way. The mind and body are not separate entities but are deeply interconnected. She believes that university healthcare must approach student health with this wellness philosophy and she incorporates this in her daily work with students.

Dr. Joyce-Brady is an active member of the American College Health Association, the American Psychological Association, the Massachusetts Psychological Association and the National Association of College Student Personnel Administrators. Her recent publications in higher education have addressed college student health as well as mid-career concerns for women professionals in student affairs. The opportunity to work with students is a privilege and honor in Dr. Joyce-Brady’s eyes. She strives to maintain balance and wellness in her life through Pilates, walking, reading, music, and time with family.

Stephanie Kendall, Ph.D. has over 15 years of experience working at various levels of leadership in higher education counseling and health centers as well as student affairs. She obtained her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University and her B.A. from Smith College. Dr. Kendall is passionate about the importance of emotional and physical well-being to the success of students. Throughout her career, she has worked to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and empower all students to feel comfortable asking for help when needed. Dr. Kendall has presented nationally on generational trends in college counseling and on effective data-driven outreach and prevention efforts in college settings and is an active member of the American College Counseling Association and the American Psychological Association.

As the APA Training Coordinator for CHW’s APA Accredited Doctoral Internship in Professional Psychology, Dr. Kendall brings her extensive supervisory and management experience to the oversight of the training experience for three doctoral interns each year. Dr. Kendall takes a developmental approach to supervision in line with the training program’s focus on providing high quality clinical services to students, expanding multicultural competency, and maintaining a holistic approach to understanding the needs and concerns of students.

Dr. Kendall is a warm, direct, and collaborative therapist who enjoys developing strong relationships with students. She integrates a variety of therapeutic approaches depending on individual needs, including relational and relational-cultural therapy, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. She maintains an interest and awareness of the importance of identity and culture in shaping individuals as people, and enjoys working with students from all backgrounds and identities. Dr. Kendall maintains specific clinical interests in addressing difficulties in interpersonal relationships, understanding and coping with trauma/abuse, depression, self-esteem, concerns about identity and/or social justice, and grief or loss. Dr. Kendall also has particular experience working with LGBTQA+ students. When not working, Dr. Kendall can be found spending time with her family, cooking, running, and keeping up with friends and loved ones.

Hang Ngo, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who earned her doctorate degree at the Wright Institute and her B.A. at Swarthmore College. Her dissertation focused on the reconciliation and integration of sexual orientation and ethnic identities among first generation LGBTQ Chinese immigrants. Dr. Ngo’s clinical interests and experience include trauma, developmental psychology, positive psychology, and working with diverse populations. In addition, Dr. Ngo is experienced in serving first generation college students, clients of color, and LGBTQIQ communities.

Use of multiculturally-competent approaches that consider the intersections of multiple identities, particularly race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, and immigration/refugee history are important to her work. In therapy, Dr. Ngo utilizes an integrative approach, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and family systems interventions, to help her clients manage stress, build on their strengths, and find authenticity in their lives. Dr. Ngo is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin. When Dr. Ngo is not at work, she enjoys exploring and adventuring locally and internationally, playing outside, doing art, spending quality time with friends and family, and hunting for the next best donut.

Dr. Mark Furtado is a Licensed Psychologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He earned his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William James College and has several years of experience working in the mental health field. Dr. Furtado also holds a Master of Social Work degree from Boston College, and he earned his B.A. from Syracuse University. He completed his internship and post-doctoral fellowship in a university counseling center and he is a professional member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Furtado brings warmth and compassion to his work and takes an integrative treatment approach to meet each person's specific needs. Most often, Dr. Furtado incorporates components of relational and person-centered therapies to support clients as they work towards the important goals they set for themselves. He has experience working with individuals, couples, and groups in a variety of settings with presenting issues including anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, substance use issues and addiction, stress management, sleep problems, and relationship issues. Dr. Furtado has also done research related to LGBTQ identity developments and strives to provide culturally competent care for the individuals with whom he works.

In addition to his passion for mental health care, Dr. Furtado likes to maintain balance in his life through spending time with family and friends, cooking, playing with his black lab Riker (of TNG), watching sci-fi and true-crime movies/tv, geocaching, and staying active.

Dr. Teresa Blevins is a licensed psychologist in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; she earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University, and she has had the privilege of working in higher education in College Counseling and teaching since 2006. She is active in the American Group Psychological Association, the Association of University and College Counseling Center Outreach, is a professional member of the American Psychological Association, and is a certified Laughter Yoga instructor. Her dissertation focused on perception and expectations of using humor in therapy, and she has been involved in research related to Multicultural Competency in mental health providers, lying therapy, and messages about sexual behavior in reality TV.

Dr. Blevins enjoys working with individuals, couples, and groups to explore the experiences of their lives and the impact on their mood, relationships, and general well-being. This exploration leads to a greater awareness of patterns and reactions, and with awareness comes the power to choose to change something (or not). Her clinical work is based in Adlerian Therapy, which focuses on encouragement and figuring out how to use our strengths as we move forward in living, this incorporates some exploration of the past as well as tools for moving forward like increasing mind-body awareness (Mindfulness) and noticing our thoughts. Her goal is to create a safe space for exploration and self-care.

Her clinical interests include working with individuals and groups struggling with depression and anxiety, body image and disordered eating concerns, struggle with identity and changing phases of life, sexual identity, and survivors of sexual assault. She is invigorated by working with college students- learning, growing, succeeding, loving and even failing and figuring out how to handle's exciting and it's hard. Additionally, she is passionate about prevention and education around mental health concerns and how we can better connect and care for ourselves and others.

Ferris Beuller had a point, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." So often this "simple" wisdom gets lost and things get blurry and then all of a sudden we are overwhelmed. In those times, it's nice to have a place to slow down, take a moment, and look around--Dr. Teresa Blevins is honored to be able to sit in that place with the Suffolk community. She tries to keep some balance in her own life by playing outside regularly (preferably with her dog), reading, laughing, and mild crafting.

Zara is a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist, accredited through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She holds a Masters in Nursing from the MGH Institute of Health Professions and has completed her undergraduate education with Bachelors in Psychology from George Washington University. Zara's clinical training includes placements at Massachusetts General Hospital, Chelsea High School, and the Lynn Community Health Center. Prior work experiences include exposure to a variety of settings, including inpatient hospitals, residential facilities and schools, outpatient group practices, and community mental health agencies. In addition to her work at Suffolk University, Zara continues to provide consultation and on-going management to the clients of Children's Charter, Inc. and Rediscovery House, as well as maintain a small, outpatient private practice. She is a member of the Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses.

Zara specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety disorders, depression and other affective disorders, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, and ADHD through individual therapy and pharmacological management. In particular, Zara has experience in and enjoys working with the adolescent and young adult populations, individuals affected by trauma or abuse, and clients experiencing distress or confusion related to gender or sexuality issues. Zara maitains a collaborative and holistic approach with her clients, holding the belief that it is when individuals feel as if they are valued and active participant in their treatment that they can best obtain mastery over the issues they are facing.

She finds reading, knitting, gardening, exercising, listening to music and podcasts, being with family friends, and spending time near bodies of water to be some of the most effective and enjoyable paths to relaxation and sanity.

Diana Hinojosa is a Doctoral Intern completing her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver. Her clinical interests include working with diverse populations, acculturation issues and stress, and understanding attachment and trauma. Prior to joining CHW, Diana worked in a variety of settings including community organizations, schools, counseling centers, and integrated primary care centers. During this time Diana had many wonderful opportunities to work with diverse communities, including a large Spanish speaking Latino population.

Diana is passionate about increasing mental health access to underrepresented groups in the community. Utilizing an integrative and multicultural approach, Diana incorporates psychodynamic, relational, behavioral, and systems interventions to help clients develop a deeper understanding of their identities. Through these interventions, Diana aims to help clients reflect on their strengths and become empowered to create change in their lives. During her free time, Diana enjoys visiting museums, trying new foods, watching funny movies and shows, dancing, reading, and traveling.