Alcohol Consultations

BASICS stands for Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students. The goal of these meetings is to help students learn more about alcohol, how alcohol affects the body, and help students find a positive relationship with alcohol that does not negatively impact their long-term goals.

There are two ways a student can have a BASICS session:

1) Self Referral: These sessions will help you learn more about alcohol, how to navigate social situations where it is present, how to avoid peer pressure and identify healthy drinking behaviors. If you're trying to determine if your drinking or your relationship with alcohol is unhealthy, we are here to help. Please call Health Services at 617-573-8226 to set-up a meeting.

2) Sanctions referral: When a student has an incident involving alcohol or other drugs and it is determined additional alcohol education would be beneficial, a student will be sanctioned to BASICS. In these cases, students are required to meet with the Assistant Director for Wellness Education and will be given instructions on setting up these appointments from the Student Affairs Office or Residential Life & Housing.

Alcohol Education Workshops

The Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators and Wellness Services are available to speak at your class, student group meeting, or other programs and events. Please see the Order Forms tab on the left navigation control for how to request a program.

Anonymous Alcohol and Marijuana Assessments

After completing the assessment below, you will receive an anonymous and personalized feedback report with information about alcohol or marijuana in general and your individual use.

Alcohol assessment:

Marijuana assessment: