Nonresident Student Driver

It is unlawful for a non-resident student to fail to file a non-resident driver statement with the police department located in the same city or town as the school or college attended, in accordance with Section 3, Chapter 90 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Failure to file such statement is punishable by a fine of not more than $200.

Pursuant to M.G.L. ch.90 s.3, every nonresident enrolled as a full-time student who operates a motor vehicle in Massachusetts that is registered in another state during any period beginning September 1st of any year and ending on August 31st of the following year must file a RMV “Nonresident Driver Statement” with the Boston Police Department.

BPD will then send SUPD a copy of the completed form and SUPD will issue the student a RMV nonresident student decal. The decals will be issued through the Sergeant’s office, 148 Cambridge Street. The forms will be available both at dispatch, Donahue Lobby and the Sergeant’s office. Forms are also available through the RMV website.