Family Orientation Online

As a Suffolk family member, you're our greatest partner in helping your student succeed at Suffolk University. That's why it's important that you're just as informed as your student about the many resources available now and after graduation.

If you can't attend family orientation or you'd like to review the material presented, no worries. On this page, you'll find links to the same presentations we show at orientation! They'll introduce you to important campus resources and empower you to help your student transition to college.

Family Orientation Topics

Academic Resources

Study at Suffolk begins in intimate classrooms with attentive professors, not in vast lecture halls. This atmosphere encourages active student participation, helping them solve problems and think critically. Regardless of his or her major, your student also receives tremendous academic support at Suffolk. The presentations below will help you learn more about academic requirements and advising for first-year students.

Support Services

From assistance with writing a paper to medical exams to counseling services and more, your student has access to a variety of academic and personal support services. We hope you’ll encourage your student to visit them as needed.

Support services include:

Financing Your Student's Education

Financing your student’s education can certainly be a big challenges. Suffolk offers a variety of resources and tips to ease this burden for you and your student. There are many types of aid available, including grants, scholarships, Stafford loans, private loans, and Federal Work-Study.

Our Money Matters presentation provides more information on financing your student's Suffolk education.

Living and Dining at Suffolk

Suffolk students can live on or off campus, and we have offices dedicated to serving each student population’s needs. Both the Department of Residence Life & Housing and the Off-Campus Housing Office offer a variety of resources and services.

Students also love to eat! We offer several dining options, whether they live on campus or not. Sodexo is Suffolk University’s partner in providing healthy and affordable meal options in our dining facilities.

Your student’s Suffolk ID (the Ram Card) is a jack-of-all-trades type of card. It’s your student’s library card, residence hall and building pass, meal plan card, Ram Account card, and Student Advantage discount program card. The Ram Card is accepted at many places close to campus. It’s great because students can only spend the amount that's been added to the account.

Learn more with this informative presentation.

Safety and Community

Suffolk’s location gives our students a safe, secure environment in downtown Boston. To keep our campus safe, the Suffolk University Police Department (SUPD) operates around the clock at fixed posts in University buildings and patrols Suffolk on foot, on bikes, and in marked vehicles.

All students are responsible for abiding by Suffolk’s policies and guidelines, and they must uphold the standards and expectations outlined in our student handbook. Suffolk University’s community standards apply to all students, both on and off campus. The Office of Student Affairs and SUPD work diligently to keep them safe.

Student Affairs Partnerships with Families

Campus Safety for Families

Safety and community resources:

Student Involvement

There’s no shortage of ways to get involved at Suffolk. For some students, getting involved means joining a student group, participating in a Performing Arts Office show, volunteering in the community, or helping new Rams during orientation. For others, it means attending a University event; participating in a leadership, diversity, or social justice training; connecting with other students at the Interfaith Center, or just hanging out in a student lounge.

Some of our most popular organizations include the Student Government Association, Program Council, and Journey Leadership Program. We also have a very active community service center that offers rewarding Alternative Spring and Winter Break trips every year. Students can also participate in one of Suffolk’s 19 varsity sports, explore a variety of study abroad options, or obtain career-related experience with an internship or co-op. At Suffolk, everyone can find his or her niche. Our Getting Involved presentation details all of our involvement opportunities on campus.

Student involvement partners: