RAM Supporters

RAM Supporters play a pivotal role in the first year student’s transition to Suffolk University. They serve as resource providers, advocates, peer mentors/coaches, and positive role models.

They are actively involved in assisting new undergraduate first-year students’ transition to Suffolk University. RAM Supporters outreach is centered on strengthening and assessing each individual student’s transition into the University. RAM Supporters are trained in institutional information and student development theory. They receive financial compensation for work performed. 

Information Sessions 

Not sure about applying to be a RAM Supporter? Learn more about becoming a RAM Supporter by attending one of our virtual information sessions. Attending an information session is strongly encouraged—it's a great way to learn more! Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Please check back for more information about applications!

Minimum Applicant Requirements


Enrolled as a full-time Suffolk University undergraduate student (and not plan to graduate before May 2023).

Grade Point Average

A cumulative Suffolk grade point average of 2.5 or higher at the time of selection and throughout tenure in the position.

Position Terms & Conditions For All Applicants

  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with Suffolk University at the time of selection and throughout tenure in the position.
  • Be able to participate in Fall 2023 Training and Winter 2023 Training (TBA).
  • Understand, believe in and remain committed to the mission and goals of Orientation, New Student & Family Programs at Suffolk University.
  • Remain flexible and engaged in assignments while demonstrating open and ongoing communication with staff and co-workers.
  • Relate to and interact well with incoming first-year students.
  • Adhere to all staff policies and training guidelines.