Administrative Graduate Fellow Opportunities

Every year, over 40 graduate students are hired for year-long Administrative Fellowships in offices across the University. These placements provide great opportunities for learning about career paths and gaining hands-on professional experience.

Information about Administrative Fellowships

The University has many kinds of fellowships available for graduate students. As an Administrative Fellow, you will receive an annual scholarship and work stipend combination of $13,400 ($7,200 in grants, $6,200 in employment). The work year typically begins no earlier than the first day of class in September and ends the last day of the spring semester in May.

Please note that students are only able to accept one fellowship total. Fellowships on campus include—but are not limited to—Administrative Fellowships, CAS fellowships, and SBS fellowships.

CAS and SBS Fellowship placements follow their own application processes and deadlines, separate from the process for an Administrative Fellowship. If you received a CAS or SBS Fellowship, refer back to your financial aid packet for more instructions and a contact person.

If you were awarded a CAS or SBS Fellowship, you would have to forgo your award in place of these Administrative Fellowships. If you have already been awarded a CAS or SBS fellowship and are not interested in applying for an Administrative Fellowship role, please follow the original instructions you received in your financial aid letter regarding your fellowship placement. Additionally, students enrolled in a PhD program are not eligible for Administrative Fellowships.

Application Process 

Fellowships for the 2024-2025 academic year are now posted [PDF]. *updated 4/3/24*

Interested in applying for a position in the Center for Career Equity, Development, & Success? Click here and search under Fellowships.