Graduate Fellow Interview Day

Every year, over 25 graduate students are hired for yearlong fellowships in offices throughout the divisions of Student Affairs and Student Success. These placements provide great opportunities for learning about career paths and gaining hands-on professional experience. We’ll help you find yours.

As a graduate fellow, you will receive an annual scholarship and work stipend combination of $13,400 ($7,200 in grants, $6,200 in employment). The work year typically begins no earlier than the first day of class in September and ends the last day of the spring semester. If you are awarded an administrative fellowship in addition to a College of Arts & Sciences graduate grant, your grant will be reduced by 50 percent.

We encourage you to apply before the March 12 priority deadline. That’s when departments will begin reviewing all applicants’ resumes and cover letters and decide whom they’d like to meet during the first round of on-campus interviews on March 26. If we receive your application after March 12, you’ll be eligible for the second interview day on May 11. If any positions remain open after both rounds of interviews, you can pursue them regardless of when you submit your application materials.

If you’re selected for an interview, you’ll be notified at least a week before your scheduled interview day. If you are unable to attend in person, you can make arrangements to interview by some other method (Skype, Google hangout, phone, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact Zoya Quraishi

To get started, please fill out the application.

Graduate Fellow Positions: 2018–2019

Positions available this year:

  • CHW Education, Data, and APA Training Graduate Fellows
  • CHW Wellness Graduate Fellows
  • Diversity Graduate Fellow
  • Orientation & New Student Programs Graduate Fellowship
  • Service-Learning and Community Partnerships Graduate Fellow
  • Community Service Graduate Fellow
  • Graduate Residence Director Position Description
  • Graduate Assistant for Interfaith Center
  • Graduate Fellow for Off-Campus Housing Office Law and Graduate Outreach
  • Performing Arts Graduate Fellow for Communications and Special Projects
  • Suffolk CARES Programming Graduate Fellow
  • Student Leadership and Involvement Operations Graduate Fellow
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office Graduate Fellow
  • Sawyer Business School Career Development Center Graduate Fellow
  • Academic Success Programs: Academic Improvement Program Assistant
  • Academic Success Programs: Academic Success Programs Assistant- ¾ time position
  • Student Services Program: Academic Skills Workshop Assistant
  • Administrative Data Graduate Fellow - 2 full-time positions
  • Student Services Programs: Administrative Assistant – ¾ position
  • Student Services Programs: CRLA Training Program Assistant
  • Student Services Programs: NESAD Assistant
  • Student Services Programs: SBS Graduate Program Tutor/SG Leader (¾ time) 2 Positions
  • Graduate Fellow, Alumni Association