Shelby Feltoon

Shelby Feltoon

Art & Design Admission Liaison

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All applicants to Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Interior Design 

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Tabernacle, New Jersey

Favorite Book(s)
Just Kids by Patti Smith

Most Underrated Movie
The Goofy Movie

Why Boston?
I love that Boston is a big city that feels small! It is so easy to find good art, community, and fun things to do without going very far at all.

Favorite Food(s)

Why Art & Design at Suffolk?
Art & Design at Suffolk has the best of all worlds when it comes to an art education. We have small and very close-knit studio classes, access to the Boston arts community (even on campus in the Suffolk University Gallery!), and the ability to meet people and work across other disciplines offered at the university. Each student’s journey through the program is unique and tailored to their own creative interests, and students are encouraged to richen their studio practices through collaboration and experimentation.