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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Suffolk University – we hope you enjoy the videos below. Please check out our library of on-demand sessions to learn more about the admission and financial aid processes, and the Suffolk experience.

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On-Demand Sessions

Success in the College Search & Application Process

Success in the College Search & Application Process

It’s exciting to apply to college—and less complicated than you might think. Our undergraduate admission team will show you how to navigate the college application process and will share some great tips.

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Holistic Admission Review Process

Holistic Admission Review Process title card

We know you’re so much more than your GPA or test scores. That’s why we consider applicants based on many factors (and are test optional/flexible). We want to know what’s important to you academically and personally. Learn how you can help us get to know you best during the application process.

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Navigating the Common Application

Navigating the Common Application title card

You can apply to multiple colleges and universities by submitting the Common Application. Learn more about this form and other application processes that can make your way to college as smooth as possible.

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Best Practices for Essay Writing

Best Practices for Essay Writing title card 

A college admission essay can seem daunting, but it's really just an opportunity to talk about yourself—we want to know who you are, what's important to you, what makes you unique! Dan and Cameron of our Office of Undergraduate Admission show you what admission staff look for in an essay, pitfalls to avoid, and how to use prompts from the Common Application to get started.

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Admission Information Session - English Version

Admission Information Session - English title card

Suffolk’s students enjoy so many opportunities, both inside our classrooms and in the city. Meet some of our students and hear why they chose Suffolk.

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Admission Information Session - Spanish Version

Admission Information Session - Spanish title card

En Suffolk, los alumnos gozan de muchas oportunidades, dentro de las aulas como en la ciudad. Ven a conocer a algunos de nuestros estudiantes y descubre por qué eligieron Suffolk como el lugar para comenzar su aventura académica.

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Student Panel: Why Suffolk

Student Panel: Why Suffolk title card

So many things make Suffolk unique, from our downtown location to our campus resources. Join students Hoaka, Maddie, and Logan as they talk about what they love most about the Suffolk experience, and the opportunities they’ve enjoyed while learning and living in Boston.

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Student Panel: Experience Boston

Student Panel: Experience Boston title card

Boston is an amazing city to call home, and Suffolk’s located right in the heart of it! Join students Jocelyn, Logan, and Lindsay as they share their favorite hangouts in the city they call home.

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Financial Aid Overview

Financial Aid Overview title card

Filing for financial aid doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Michelle, one of our undergraduate financial aid Associate Directors, discusses the FAFSA, our helpful financial aid tools, and key deadlines.

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FAFSA 101 - English title card

Want to learn even more about the FAFSA? Join Michelle, one of our undergraduate financial aid Associate Directors, as she explains this form in greater depth.

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College of Arts & Sciences at Suffolk University

College of Arts & Sciences title card

Suffolk University’s College of Arts & Sciences offers a vibrant array of courses across the arts, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences. Learn from our deans and current students how our distinguished faculty and innovative classes will provide you with the academic insights and hands-on experiences you’ll need to achieve your goals.

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Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University

Sawyer Business School title card

At Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School, you’ll gain more than a business education. You’ll develop the essential skills you’ll need to thrive in the business world. Hear from our deans and current students how you’ll gain practical experience while learning how to adapt to dynamic work environments, think with an eye toward innovation, and lead teams.

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Career Equity, Development & Success

Career Equity title card

You have big aspirations. Our Career Center will work with you to make them real. Learn more about this important resource and how its expert staff will help you develop the professional skills you’ll need to launch a successful career.

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International Student Information Session

International Student Information Session title card 

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Transfer Information Session

Transfer Information Session title card 

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