Unique to Suffolk

The only university in the middle of downtown Boston is a pretty distinctive place.

By definition, our location offers uncommon possibilities no matter who you are or what you're into. Because Suffolk's campus literally is Boston, you'll have immediate access to an entire city's worth of opportunities.

Are you:

  • a political animal who wants to make a difference in civic life? Then major in government just down the block from the Massachusetts State House (and its internships).
  • An entrepreneur who's always working on your next big idea? You can practice launching new ventures a short walk from Boston's booming Innovation District.
  • A news hound who digs for the stories behind the stories? Then help produce segments for New England Cable News in Suffolk's own television studio.
  • A number-cruncher with a knack for making dollars make sense? Master your craft next to the Financial District's major accounting and financial firms.

The things that make our university special, though, go beyond our address. At Suffolk, you'll experience things you just can't find anywhere else.

Only at Suffolk

Madrid Campus

We have our very own campus in Spain's capital city of Madrid. Study here and immerse yourself in Spain's culture, politics, history, and civic life for up to your first two years at Suffolk. (Major in International Relations and you can stay for all four years.)

The Journey Leadership Program

There are college leadership programs, and then there's the Journey. Suffolk's own custom-built leadership experience gives you credit for being involved in all forms of campus and community activity. And it will take you to destinations across the city, country, and world to show you firsthand what leadership in action really means.

The Center for Entrepreneurship

A great idea is still just that—an idea. You need to take action to make that great idea real, and that action happens at Suffolk's Center for Entrepreneurship. The Center is part of our Sawyer Business School, but is open to the entire University community, creating the kind of collaboration that is vital to true innovation.

Suffolk in the City

Since 2011, Suffolk broadcast journalism students have pitched topics, filmed and edited news stories, and presented them with live commentary on NECN, New England's largest regional cable news network. This real-world work has sent alumni on to broadcasting careers in markets form Maine to Florida to Colorado.