Voicemail Instructions

Setting up your voicemail at Suffolk University is easy. Just follow these steps.

Setting Up Your Voicemail Account

  • From inside the University, dial 3000
  • From outside the University, dial 617-305-3000
  • Enter your mailbox number (last 4 digits of phone number)
  • Enter the default security code 147258 when you log on to the voicemail system for the first time (Please email the Telecommunications Office or call x8000 to have your security code reset)

Gaining Access to Your Mailbox

  1. Call the voicemail internal or external number
  2. Press # to enter mailbox if not at your desk or calling from the outside
  3. If prompted, enter your mailbox number
  4. Enter a security code (or the default code of 147258 if this is your first time)

If your voicemail /message light on your phone is lit and you have no messages, please email the Telecommunications Office or call x8000 to have your light reset.
Please note that messages are retained for 90 days before they are purged. You will receive 72-hour notice before a message is purged.

Common Tasks

Enter the appropriate numbers to perform the desired action.

Getting Started

  • Listen to new voice messages: 1 1
  • Listen to all voice messages: 1 2
  • Listen to saved voice messages: 1 5

After Listening to a Message

  • Forward the message to another subscriber: 6
  • Delete the message: 7
    • When you hang up the phone, the deleted message is permanently removed. Email users, who receive their messages in their email, are not affected since the messages are not deleted from email, even when deleted using the telephone.
  • Save the message: 9

Changes to Your Mailbox

  • Change your name recording: 4 1 5
  • Change your standard greeting: 4 1 3 2
  • Change your out-of-office greeting: 4 1 3 3
  • Change your password: 4 1 4