Employee Use of Vehicles & Driver Authorization Process

Suffolk University’s automobile policy provides coverage for owned, leased, or rented vehicles for University employees and students while they're driving on University business.

Before leasing or renting a vehicle, you'll need to submit a Driver’s Record Authorization Form [PDF] to Risk Management. Once the Suffolk University Police have run a motor vehicle record (MVR) check, they'll let the department director know if you've been cleared to drive for the University.

Here's how we'll determine your rating:

Number of Accidents (last three years)
Number of Violations
(last three years)
0 1 2 3
0 Clear Acceptable Borderline Poor
1 Acceptable Acceptable Borderline Poor
2 Acceptable Borderline Poor Poor
3 Borderline Poor Poor Poor
4 Poor Poor Poor Poor

Major Violations

Any major violation in the last three years is automatically a “poor” MVR.

The following are considered major violations:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while impaired
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving or racing/speed contest
  • Failure to report an accident
  • Making a false accident report
  • Vehicular homicide or manslaughter
  • Attempting to elude a police officer
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license