At Suffolk University, our mission is one of forward momentum. We shape students who aim to be powerful agents of change in a swiftly changing world.

We have a long history of innovation and adaptation to meet the challenges of the moment. Now more than ever, adaptability is crucial. We demand it of ourselves as an institution as much as we cultivate it in our students.

Our commitment to nurturing our students' academic, professional, and personal journeys continues to be our focus. We remain true to the core components of the Suffolk experience that prepare our students for success—however they define it. We’ve reimagined our classrooms and connections to the wider world to provide the same valuable education we’ve offered for more than a century. 

Suffolk students wearing protective masks during a presentation in the Samia Academic Center.

Experiential learning is critical to interpersonal skills development and a cornerstone of a Suffolk education. Our faculty members are ready to enrich today’s learning environment with these essential opportunities. 

Boston is our home and our launch point. Our partnerships around the city bring our students internships, service learning opportunities, and project-based curricula—not to mention arts, culture, history, and more.

The workforce needs culturally competent thinkers who understand problems on a global scale. While international travel may not be an immediate reality, our faculty and staff are working with partners around the world to bring their vital perspectives to virtual class discussions from any time zone.

A Suffolk student wears a protective mask in a classroom in the Samia Academic Center.

Students here aspire to inspire. What they learn here isn’t just aligned with the current moment—it boldly points to a better future. And our supportive and welcoming community is there every step of the way to help them bring their potential to life.

The Suffolk experience remains the purposeful combination of transformative opportunities our students collect along the way—opportunities that fuel their growth. These experiences are unique to our students and uniquely Suffolk. No two Suffolk stories are ever the same.

Our students have never been about the status quo. They’re too busy changing perceptions, pushing for progress, and raising the bar. They are engaged in their education, active participants in building careers they’re passionate about, and a driving force for good. And nothing can change that.

What comes next is ours for the making.

The Suffolk Experience

Launch Point: Boston

Suffolk student using a virtual reality headset. 

Suffolk Experience

Experiential education and transformative experiences are only the beginning of your journey at Suffolk University.

Suffolk student Karine Kanj poses for a portrait on Boston Common in autumn. 

Suffolk Story

Our students and alumni look back proudly at what they've accomplished on campus and beyond, and are ready for what's next.

The Boston skyline as seen from the Longfellow Bridge. 

Our Campus

The hustle and bustle, the sights and sounds, the city of Boston right at your doorstep as a Suffolk student.

Suffolk student standing on bridge looking at Boston skyline at sunrise.

Ours For The Making

00:06 We are a generation of purpose.

00:09 A powerful force for change.

00:11 Aspiring to inspire, to build, to lead.

00:15 We are Suffolk University.

00:18 Forget following the lead

00:20 At Suffolk, we choose our own direction -

00:23 A path to success as original as we are

00:26 Driven by experiences, geared toward our goals.

00:31 And here - in the heart of Boston

00:33 Where global perspectives meet the energy of the city

00:37 We beat a new rhythm for change.

00:40 On a downtown campus, real life becomes

00:43 our blueprint, our canvas and our platform

00:47 for launching into our future.

00:49 We work hard to make a difference.

00:51 And our differences are what make us strong.

00:54 At Suffolk, diversity has always been

00:56 the essence of our strength.

00:59 And our dedication to giving back to the broader community - our heart.

01:04 In this moment

01:06 when change is needed more than ever

01:09 We. Take. Action.

01:11 That’s who we are - and who we’ve always been.

01:15 So we’re using this time to build a better future

01:18 To reimagine the classroom - the world - and ourselves.

01:23 We need students who can roll up their sleeves

01:25 And Get. Things. Done.

01:28 We are Suffolk University.

01:30 We’re ready for this - because we’re built for this.

01:35 What comes next is theirs - hers - his - yours - ours for the making.

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