Make Your Way

This isn't a traditional college experience. It’s not supposed to be.

At Suffolk University, our mission is one of forward momentum. We shape students who want to be agents of change in a swiftly changing world.

Suffolk students pose for a photo in Piers Park in East Boston.

You’ll need the power to innovate and adapt to meet the challenges of any given moment. And we have a long history of instilling both in those who earn their higher education with us. 

Suffolk student-athlete Kely goes for a run on Acorn Street. 

Our commitment to nurturing our students' academic, professional, and personal journeys guides everything we do—and everything you can do here. The Suffolk experience will prepare you for success—however you define it. What you learn in our classrooms and through our connections to the wider world will provide you with the invaluable education we’ve offered for more than a century. 

Live Your Major

Suffolk student Breno working in a chemistry lab in the Samia Academic Center. 

Experiential learning is crucial to your interpersonal skills development and a cornerstone of a Suffolk education. Our faculty members enrich today’s learning environment with these essential opportunities. We have 70+ undergraduate programs, 50+ graduate programs, and several nationally-ranked law programs— all built with you in mind.

Become Your Best Self in Boston

Suffolk students pose for a photo in Boston's North End neighborhood. 

Boston is our home and our launch point. Our partnerships around the city mean internships, service learning opportunities, and project-based curricula for you—not to mention arts, culture, history, and more.

Explore an Entire World of Possibilities 

Suffolk student Alyssa poses for a portrait outside the Observatory in the Canary Islands in Spain. 

The workforce needs culturally competent thinkers who understand problems on a global scale. Now that the world has reopened, it’s time to for your education to really take flight. We’re excited to offer global study opportunities that are equally safe and exhilarating, all in accordance with the latest public health guidelines. Plus, our faculty and staff are working with partners around the world to bring their vital perspectives to class discussions from any time zone. 

Change the Workforce 

Suffolk students gathered around a table working on a presentation.

Our Center for Career Equity, Development & Success is newly expanded and reimagined—and fully invested in you. This center’s team of experts will help you connect the dots between your major and a career that matters, while showing you how you can thrive in and contribute to the more just workplace of tomorrow.  

Lead the Way

Suffolk student Ahmad poses for a portrait in Graffiti Alley in Cambridge. 

The Suffolk experience encompasses every transformative opportunity you’ll live along the way. These opportunities will fuel your growth as a scholar, a professional, and a well-rounded individual. And our supportive and welcoming community will be there every step of the way to help you bring your potential to life.

Suffolk students aspire to inspire. They don’t have time for the status quo. They’re too busy changing perceptions, pushing for progress, and raising the bar. They are engaged in their education, while also actively building careers they’re passionate about and serving as a driving force for good. They have the confidence to learn from the past while looking ahead. And you will, too.

What comes next is ours for the making.

The Suffolk Experience

Launch Point: Boston

Suffolk student using a virtual reality headset. 

Suffolk Experience

Experiential education and transformative experiences are only the beginning of your journey at Suffolk University.

Suffolk student Karine Kanj poses for a portrait on Boston Common in autumn. 

Suffolk Story

Our students and alumni look back proudly at what they've accomplished on campus and beyond, and are ready for what's next.

The Boston skyline as seen from the Longfellow Bridge. 

Our Campus

The hustle and bustle, the sights and sounds, the city of Boston right at your doorstep as a Suffolk student.

Image of Suffolk student in front of colorful spray painted mural

Make Things Happen


0:00 (poignant music)

0:01 - [Speaker] Why wait for change?

0:03 - [Speaker] When you can make things happen.

0:06 - [Speaker] At Suffolk University,

0:07 we're not interested in setbacks or sidelines.

0:10 - [Speaker] And neither are our students.

0:12 - [Speaker] We forge ahead breaking new ground

0:14 and pursuing our purpose.

0:16 - [Speaker] In the classroom.

0:17 - [Speaker] In our city and across the world.

0:19 Life at Suffolk starts in downtown Boston,

0:22 a city steeped in history and culture.

0:24 - [Speaker] Energized by innovation and creativity.

0:28 - [Speaker] You won't just study your major.

0:30 - [Speaker] You'll experience it.

0:31 - [Speaker] Through hands-on, thought provoking,

0:33 career-making opportunities

0:35 - [Speaker] Here in Boston and abroad.

0:37 - [Speaker] So when you face challenges in the workplace.

0:40 - [Speaker] In the lab.

0:41 - [Speaker] Or in the studio. You can say.

0:43 - [Speaker] I've got this.

0:44 - [Speaker] Discover your drive.

0:46 - [Speaker] Your community.

0:47 - [Speaker] Your mission.

0:47 - [Speaker] Your voice.

0:49 - [Speaker] Only at Suffolk University.

0:51 (upbeat rock music)

Take the Next Step